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The magic shrooms of St. Gilles

Posted by Pi on February 21, 2010

The regularly changing niche menu at Café des Spores may be a little pricey, but mushroom-lovers should gladly foot the bill once in a while.  We tasted Belgian shitake mushrooms stuffed with beef and lined with wispy flakes of a dried fish (~14 euros), which for me was easily the best dish of the night.  I adore these rich types of black mushrooms, and all the salty and dark flavors here combined so well.

Then there was the semi-melted Saint-Marcellin cheese with morels and a crusty potato underside (~13 euros).  This tasted good, too, but the cheese and sauce pretty much killed any taste of the mushrooms, so I was disappointed.

Lastly we tried a gnocchi, made with blended fish — la bottarga — and mixed with arugula/roquette, and forest mushrooms (~15 euros).  This one had a very gentle flavor, so we should have eaten this first.  Unfortunately it got kind of drowned out by all the cheese, butter, and soy sauce of the earlier dishes.

At least the wine collection can easily accommodate the shifting menu.

Portions are small, like the building, so don’t be surprised.

Café des Spores
Chaussée d’Alsemberg 103, St. Gilles

Food: B+
Price: C
Atmosphere: A
Languages: French, English

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A service catastrophe

Posted by Pi on April 4, 2009

Would you pay 26 euros per person for a dinner that began serving the starters two hours late, even with reservations, and had average food?  Some friends recounted a recent atrocious restaurant experience just like that at Les Salons de l’Atalaide in St. Gilles.  Some people were done with their entire meals before others started theirs (this was around 10pm at night, so you can imagine their hunger), and I’m sure more than one diner was enraged about it.

Maybe this was an off night, and maybe not.  It’s too bad, too, because the ambiance seems classy enough, including the upstairs bar.  Food experiences there could have so much potential.  Looks like another incident of potential wasted.

Les Salons de l’Atalaide
Chaussée de Charleroi 89
1060 Saint-Gilles

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Bagel mania

Posted by spacemonkey99 on February 24, 2009

We checked out this small bagel place in St. Gilles. The waitress was a bit rude but the food made up for it. If you love bagels, check it out:

Salmon bagel with side salad

This place is perfect for a small lunch.  Just don’t go here starving.  The combination of bagel sandwich, salad, and drink (together ~4-8 euros) can be quite satisfying, and much more so than the run-of-the-mill Belgian lunch sandwiches you can find everywhere.  For the record, the roasted red pepper cream cheese with smoked salmon and cress went down very nicely.

Tuna bagel with side salad

By all accounts the tuna salad tasted great, too.  The cinnamon cream cheese became too overpowering after eating about half of it, but its uniqueness still holds some charm.  Considering that bagels are not standard fare in Brussels, this place is worth checking out when you’re in the neighborhood, especially at off-peak hours.

Au Pays Des Merveilles
Avenue Jean Volders 42

Food: A-
Price: A
Atmosphere: B
Service: B-
Languages: French

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