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My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard (once) but do they come back?

Posted by spacemonkey99 on April 28, 2010

I wrote the below post a week or two ago, and after returning to this place for a Sunday afternoon snack, I have to review it and add some comments.  I mention below that the service could do with some improvement as it never polite to tell customers that they should “hurry up”.  Well, the level of rudeness went up a notch today when the waiter told us we hadn’t ordered much at all (c’est pas grande chose).  I think it took me a moment to register how rude this was, by which time he had already left. Two of us weren’t eating, but had ordered milkshakes. I wasn’t allowed to order a side of fries (which apparently can only be ordered if you order a main dish).  The other waiter who was clearing dishes, insisted we had to order with our own waiter (he couldn’t even pass along the message that we wanted the bill).  Since I work in a customer-oriented industry myself, I can only say this type of treatment is completely inappropriate.  You don’t take out your frustration/tiredness/negative emotions on your customers – who are paying!  I don’t care if this place were a Michelin star, top-notch place (which it isn’t): I WON’T BE GOING BACK.  I regret that I even spent 5 euros on a milkshake there today.

Previous post:

Ah milkshakes and burgers, the classics of the American diner.  And that is exactly what you get at the Balmoral Milk Bar, in Place Brugmann.   With Grease playing in the background (including French subtitles), the cozy diner with the bright pink seats is packed on a Sunday around lunchtime.  Part of the attraction is surely the kids play corner in the back.   The other part must be the yummy chocolate milkshakes (the red berries and yogurt is also excellent).  The country club sandwich (10 euros) and the burgers (11 euros) are good: delicious, hearty and good sized-portions with quality ingredients.  The burgers are served with American-style potato wedges which are a definite crowd-pleaser.  Not recommended are the chilli-con-carne which lacked carne (we also got ours minus the cheese and onions mentioned on the menu and had to ask the waitress about the omission).  The fajitas are also recommended (choice of chicken, beef or mixed meat with sides including delicious, fresh guacamole ~17 euros).  The cheesecake (4 euros) was also very good: light and fluffy.  The only problem was that it tasted more like a lime key pie than a cheesecake.  All in all, I would definitely go back.  The downside of going on a Sunday is that it was so packed that the waitress asked us to hurry up with our dessert order as our table was reserved after us.  It’s never nice to be rushed through a course, even if its only dessert.

Balmoral Milk Bar

Place G. Brugmann 21

1050 Ixelles

Food: A-/B+
Atmosphere: B+

Service: F (downgraded from C/B-)

Price: A
Languages: French, English

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Coffeehouse Contemporary

Posted by Pi on January 31, 2010

I call Karsmakers cosmopolitan.  Foreigners frequent the place, which has an unusually large space to accommodate them, along with high ceilings and windows and bright lighting. Like other cosmopolitan places, the prices also can be slightly high (hot drinks ~3-4eu), but it may be worth it.  Don’t expect a huge meal; just treat it as the good meeting space that it is.

For all you foreigners who haven’t yet found the place, check it out Sunday morning by Place Lux for some hot chocolate, bagel sandwiches, cinnamon buns, an espresso and a newspaper.  They also have free wifi for now, so it’s also one of the less common cafes in Brussels where you can study or do work pretty easily.

Rue de Treves 20, Ixelles

Food: A-
Price: B
Atmosphere: A
Languages: French, English

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Bagel mania

Posted by spacemonkey99 on February 24, 2009

We checked out this small bagel place in St. Gilles. The waitress was a bit rude but the food made up for it. If you love bagels, check it out:

Salmon bagel with side salad

This place is perfect for a small lunch.  Just don’t go here starving.  The combination of bagel sandwich, salad, and drink (together ~4-8 euros) can be quite satisfying, and much more so than the run-of-the-mill Belgian lunch sandwiches you can find everywhere.  For the record, the roasted red pepper cream cheese with smoked salmon and cress went down very nicely.

Tuna bagel with side salad

By all accounts the tuna salad tasted great, too.  The cinnamon cream cheese became too overpowering after eating about half of it, but its uniqueness still holds some charm.  Considering that bagels are not standard fare in Brussels, this place is worth checking out when you’re in the neighborhood, especially at off-peak hours.

Au Pays Des Merveilles
Avenue Jean Volders 42

Food: A-
Price: A
Atmosphere: B
Service: B-
Languages: French

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Take a book.

Posted by spacemonkey99 on February 16, 2009

Have you been looking for that little, cozy cafe where you can take your laptop/newspaper/book to relax with a hot cuppa or a light snack such as a yummy bagel?  I haven’t been paid to write this, I just enjoyed Cafe Modele, close to the Compte de Flandre metro stop, immensely.  There is a pleasant view of the canal and not only were there others with their laptops/newspapers/books relaxing (free wifi by the way) but the place is 100% non-smoking and their prices are great. Salad bowls piled high (4.10-8.50 euros) and sandwiches and bagels (3.50-5.50 euros) are serviced until 17.00 and warm dishes such as couscous and lasagne until 22.00.  Good coffee (1.70-2.70 euros) and freshly squeezed juices (2.30-3.30 euros) makes this place great for a lazy Sunday afternoon. The cafe is across the street from the bar Walvis, and apparently owned by the same person as well.

Croque monsieur with side salad

Croque monsieur with side salad

Cafe Modele, Rue Dansaertstraat 208, 1000 Brussels

Main dishes: A
Prices: A
Service: B
Atmosphere: A
Languages: Dutch, French

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Posted by Pi on December 14, 2008

Technology Park, Haasrode (Leuven)


This new snack bar, cafe, and catering restaurant is a spinoff of Octogoon down the road and occupies the same space as the now-defunct @mosphere restaurant.  Pure serves the local professionals during the workweek for breakfast and lunch.  Fortunately for them, it has solved many of the logistical problems with the former occupant, by having ready-made sandwiches available for quick purchase, eliminating a lot of the lines for lunchtime meals.  Salads are made before your eyes, and hot dishes also are available.

The multi-grain bread option is very good, and as lunch sandwiches go around the area, Pure has some of the best (~3 euros).  My favorite one so far had a nice combination of meat, sundried tomato, and a kind of pesto.  Pass on the “spicy pasta with chicken” dish (~7 euros), though, unless saltiness, pungent cheese, and overpowering raw garlic is your thing.

The best part of the old tenant remains intact, too: the comfortable meeting place and wooden decor amid large windows.  I always was a fan of the interior, and it continues to humbly impress.

A contestant for Miss Belgium helped promote the opening of this place, and I hope the owners continue to invest that kind of energy in the business.  If you decide to find out for yourself how it’s going,  bring cash or credit card, as paying with Bankcontact adds a surcharge for small orders.

Food: B+
Service: B
Value for money For food: B
Interior: A
Languages spoken: Dutch, English

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