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Not your average burger

Posted by rachelinbxl on April 27, 2010

I finally made it to Ebisu. I have been to the location twice before, at Easter when it was closed, and at a lunchtime when it promised to be open until 3:15 and closed at 2:30 just as I tried to go in 😦
But I persevered. I made it for lunch last Friday.
The gentleman taking the order is Belgian, but the chef(s) are Japanese, arrived from Tokyo recently. Ebisu is the name of a Tokyo metro station, and the restaurant is a takeaway bar of japanese proportions (very small). The menu is not extensive, but there is an interesting selection of NON sushi Japanese delicacies. The Wasabi burger looked good, as did the chicken with mango or apricots, as well as various caramalised meat dishes. I wasn’t very hungry, so I didn’t test the miso soup before my ‘burger’.

Pork, ginger 'burger'

Ebisu burger

The cardboard takeaway box was ready in 15 minutes, which gave me time to go buy a cheaper drink at the little Del Haize round the corner (though in the evening I would have been tempted by Umeshu, an amazing Japanese liqueur made from plums). I witnessed the careful frying of the rice burger buns. She uses sticky rice to make 2 patties and then heats them. The pork is fried with onion and ginger, soy sauce and served with fresh herbs. The salad was a nice addition, but the soggy fries were a waste of space. The pork was delicious and the rice patty underneath had absorbed the sauce, making it a challenge to eat with chopsticks, but very very yummy.
The total was 8 euros for a decent lunch… not bad, but perhaps not great value for money

Rue de Vergnies,

Food: B+
Atmosphere: C
Service: A-
Price: B
Languages: French, Japanese

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Celebrating the Fall of the Wall with Western gluttony

Posted by Pi on November 18, 2009

At least one cute girl was spotted peacefully reading books inside cozy Maxburg by Schuman, so the place clearly has more than great food.  The home-like establishment has delicious German comfort food in excellently sized portions, all served within friendly and familial surroundings.  The standard wiener schnitzel (~12 euros) is a savory slab of fried flattened pork, accompanied by a generous crunchy green salad and fried potatoes.  I also tried the beef stroganoff in a creamy red wine sauce (~13 euros) the last time I was there, and the well-cooked meat had a deep and bold flavor that was very tasty.  If you don’t feel like driving across the border for food like this, just head over to the European quarter.

108 Rue Steven, Brussels

Food: A
Price: A
Atmosphere: A-
Languages: German, English, French

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Best bowl of ramen noodles

Posted by Pi on June 17, 2009


Okay, so I haven’t actually tried the ramen from every single place possible in Belgium.  But this ain’t Japan, folks.  Ramen stands are not like the kebab shops.  So if you’ve found one bowl of delicious noodles around here that stands out above all the rest so far, then you can safely bet that you’ve found the best in Brussels, at least for now.

Such is the case for the miso katsu ramen (9 euros) at tiny Yamato off St. Boniface.  The homemade noodles are a little chewier and denser than at other places, and consequently they carry flavor really well.  The miso broth with bean sprouts and green onions is flavored richly without being too salty, and the small portion of fried battered pork on top finishes the whole creation.

Yes, you might think it strange to pay that much for post-work snack food.  And… you’d be right.  But sometimes when you’ve got a craving, you have to give in.  It’s all about the textured long noodles, about the meat, about the cold Asahi.  It’s about sitting at the bar jam-packed side-by-side with everyone else waiting for the same thing; about smelling the spring onions and the gyoza in the air.  The chefs toil in front of you to bring you what you order.  You sit on the waiting chairs in the back for half an hour just to get a seat.  You see the steam from the miso broth rise from the center of the bar to heat the whole place up, while the cold Brussels rain falls outside the plate windows behind you.  Then a seat opens up, and now you’re hungry and ready to order ramen in Europe.

No, this is not exactly like Japan.  Maybe that’s why we like it.

Rue Francart 11 (St. Boniface), Brussels

Food: B+
Atmosphere: C
Charm: A
Price: B+
Languages: French, Japanese?


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A Place for Endless Ribs

Posted by Pi on February 8, 2009

Barbecue in Brussels?  Apparently, yes!  And an all-you-can-eat option for ribs, no less, (~20 euros) which really can hit the spot after a long week slaving away at work.  Sure, quantity may be the larger draw here than quality — Memphis barbecue this is not — but don’t get me wrong.  The meat was tasty and crisped on the outside enough to earn my acclaim, particularly in this city.  The pork flavor was pure, slightly smoky and slightly sweet, though not as bold as it could have been.  Don’t go here for spicy kick or richly marinated tender perfection.  Just come in with an appetite for lots of simply good meat, and then get your hands dirty.


The potato and salad were not as exciting, of course.  In fact an unusual wad of semisolid flavoring was pasted onto my baked potato that I didn’t care for.  It reminded me of warm bouillon cubes mashed up with butter and grits, and I made the awful mistake of tasting a chunk of it as the first bite of my meal, thinking it was potato.  Please do not do the same.  Other than that little mishap, I liked the meal, my two plates of ribs on cutting boards, the 1930s background music and decor, and the very friendly and earnest service.  Be warned that the place fills up.  Definitely reserve a table for large groups.  And don’t bring vegetarians.

Sint-Katelijnestraat 26-28

Food:  B if you like Memphis ribs, A in the context of Brussels and quantity
Service: A
Ambiance: A-
Languages: French, English

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Preview to Pork Ramen

Posted by Pi on February 5, 2009

My friend recently had a bowl of ramen (~10 euros) with pork over at Hana in St. Boniface.  Look at that:

pork ramen

Delicious to the eyes, but what about to the tongue?  It’s still just ramen.  Coming from a place that’s sort of Korean and sort of Japanese.  Is this not glorified college food?  Or is it transcendental, after coming in from a cold Brussels rain?

We went there after not wanting to queue in front of the small yet ultimate ramen place around the corner, so maybe we just had noodles on the brain that clouded judgment.  What was the final verdict?

Rue Saint Boniface 21
Languages: French, English

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