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Lunch at Pl Jourdan – but not as you know it…

Posted by nandosgirl on April 29, 2010

As a first time contributer and a long time eater, I thought my first few postings should be about food I love. Today it was all about Tunisian food at Chez Fatma. It has many similarities to Moroccan food but small elements in the spices they use for their meats and salads make it slightly fresher on a warm day. This centrally placed restaurant in Place Jourdan makes it ideal for a slightly different type of food at a popular location!

We sat outside with a strong desire for a quick lunch and decided to go for the specials. My friend ordered the Grilled Chicken with a Tunisian Salad and I ordered a Skewer of Lamb/Merguez with a Tunisian Salad. The results were a quite pleasing, with freshly prepared salads with the right amount of dressing and the meats spiced and cooked to a perfect tenderness. The service was a little slow at first but we were the first people there and the waitress did underestimate how hungry we were, ultimately she picked up the speed when she realized we were decisive eaters.

For two mint teas and two main courses the meal averaged €30, which may seem a little over the odds for one meal during lunch where you are competing with the Frites House but the food was very good!

Chez Fatma

Place Jourdan 18

Food: B+
Atmosphere: B
Service: B
Price: B
Languages: French, English

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New Contender in the Burger Wars

Posted by Pi on February 11, 2010

I just had my first Schievelavabo XXL burger with salad and fries (~11 euros) over at Place Jourdan, and given the location, atmosphere, price, quantity, and, of course, flavor, I’d say I just found a new burger joint in Brussels.

The thick double beef patties were stacked on top of each other, with a mustard sauce on top, and although the meat wasn’t as juicy as at Fatboy’s, it still was pretty good, all things considered. Definitely better than the Cheescake Corner or La Terrasse. The place wasn’t so packed during this weeknight dinner hour, and it had the perfect cozy and relaxed atmosphere with which to end the day after the gym. This little chain also has restaurants in Uccle, Forest, and Woluwe, so I wonder how they compare.

Chausee de Wavre 344, Etterbeek

Food: B+
Price: A
Atmosphere: A
Languages: French

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Roasted Chicken Love

Posted by Pi on November 16, 2009

Carnivores have to take advantage of the succulent roasted chickens over at the weekly Sunday morning market at Place Jourdan.  There are at least two places to choose from for the poulets, but you might have to queue for a while if you go late by lunchtime.  At 8-10 euros each for a large and tasty bird, the wait is worth it.


It’s a good thing that Brussels has several markets around the area with fresh breads, fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, fish, and all sorts of other things, not to mention flowers and cheap clothes.  Just another plus for the city.

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Posted by spacemonkey99 on June 9, 2009

Belgium is famous for, among other things, its french fries and the overwhelming number of sauces that have been invented in the meantime to accompany them. Initially, I was the type to stick with what I knew and loved: ketchup. Until I started to be a bit more adventurous: samurai, garlic, and more recently, pepper.

At Chez Antoine, the fries are just salty enough, not over- or under-fried, and really just hit the spot. Try them with a side of pepper sauce and you may, like me, feel like you just died and went to junk food heaven.

Chez Antoine
Place Jourdan 1
1040 Brussels

Food: A for the fries, can’t rate the rest
Atmosphere: N/A
Service: A
Price: A (can’t get cheaper than fries!)
Languages: French, English

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Ice cream with tea and sesame seed

Posted by Pi on March 8, 2009


I would visit this sushi place again just for the dessert!  Espace Sushi recently served up decent sushi and sashimi, but let’s forget that.  Really it was the unique and delicious dessert there that stood out to me.   Unusual twin scoops of ice cream graced the end of our meal:  one flavored with green tea, including little flecks of crispy dried tea leaves, and the other with roasted sesame seed.  For a tea fan, the green scoop tasted pretty good, with a distinct tea aroma and taste without being overpowering.  As for the other scoop? Absolutely stellar.  The rich nuttiness of the sesame came out subtly but strongly with each bite, and I wished I could take a pint home with me.  Both scoops were not nearly as sweet as standard ice creams, but they were still very smooth and creamy.  I don’t know where they got these flavors, or if the restaurant made it all themselves, but I liked it.


The ice cream went perfectly with the simple but delicious green tea cakes.  Almost exotic, they were denser, cleaner, and much more subtle than the typical buttery cakes found elsewhere in Brussels, yet they still had a smooth texture and light sweetness to them.  Just like the ice cream, each moist bite had a distinct scent and flavor of green tea.  This restaurant apparently stayed true to the idea of sushi when it came to their desserts: keep the flavors and textures pure, uncommonly good, and exquisite.

Espace Sushi
Chaussée de Wavre 325

Atmosphere: A
Languages: French, English

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