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Potent Potables: Vegan organic soda?

Posted by Pi on April 16, 2010

I was admittedly suspicious of the stuff.  The other beverages available included something like tea with yak’s butter and spices, and this seemed on par: organic cola.  Is it made with sugar and flavors raised without chemicals?  That’s cool.  And how hippie is that?

Not just organic cola, but vegancompatible cola.   Apparently there are no chunks of hormone-fed beef in this soda, and that makes me feel much better about it.

From what I was told, it tasted pretty much as expected and confirmed all lingering suspicions one might have before drinking it.  But it was potable.  Not bad.  Especially for the vegans.  Or for the folk who like to step out of their comfort zones to taste something sweet like liquid candy and herbs.

Anyway, this is my faulty, perhaps imaginative memory of what someone else told me about the taste, so go over to Dolma off Flagey yourself to try it if you’re curious.

“Nutty Cola Nut”.  Ha.

Finally, on a very tangential random note, here’s a photo of my favorite selection from Dolma, the roasted marinated pumpkin with avocado.  Fantastic:

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La Dolma Vita

Posted by rachelinbxl on April 5, 2010

I am new to the Bite Me Brussels team of bloggers. We are now 3. I had met pieguybxl at a party, and now I was to meet brucru08. I suggested a new Japanese place near Flagey (Ebisu). I had read an article about this new Japanese place proving to Brussels that it was not just about sushi. Maybe I was trying too hard to prove that I knew cool new places to try. Anyway, we met there at 12:30 (well actually I met pieguybxl and his brother in the Flagey market as I tried to stay warm with a hot chocolate). The Japanese place was closed. This was actually a blessing in disguise as Ebisu, while the food is praised in every article pasted on their window, is truly 3x3m. Strictly take away only. Not even sure how it doubles as a sake bar. Where does one stand??

Anyway, we were hungry, and it was cold, so we started a search for something else we could test in the Flagey area. Now none of us are from that area of Brussels, but Flagey is not lacking restaurants. However, restos that are open on Easter Saturday – few and far between. We eventually ended up, quite randomly, at Dolma. This is, I have found afterwards, a famous veggie location. It’s another tardis like place – far bigger on the inside than you would think from the outside. They have a buffet for 15 euros – including one dessert plate. I will be heading back. They have a choice of cold salads (with fresh leaves and various mixes, I enjoyed the quinoa and red lentil salad with raisins and pine nuts). Then there is a pie, seen in the image – this was a leek one. There are various ‘bain marie’ dishes. We had courgettes and a red kidney bean salsa (in tomato sauce, heavy on rosemary – I quite liked it but others were less convinced). Our absolute favourite was the oven roasted pumpkin slices (with skin still on) draped with avocado slices (also from the oven, I believe, I never knew you could do this with avocado). This was really a delightful mix, texture and taste. we all took seconds. There was a choice of rice, as well as bread (which I didn’t test). All of this is vegetarian, some is vegan, and most is organic.



After 2 platefuls of savoury delights (at round two there was an African spinach dish with some exotic spices but I didn’t get a photo), we moved on to dessert. perhaps now is also the time to mention that between buffet services (lunch and dinner), the Dolma is a tea room. They have an impressive tea menu (including organic ones sold in the shop attached next door). I ordered a Tibetan tea and was offered the choice of traditional (made with butter, salt, milk etc) or the plain (I took plain, after all its a buffet!). It was rather bland, so maybe I should have taken the leap and gone with the -i cant believe its not yak milk- version. The Dolma’s signature dessert is a chocolate pie where the chocolate is a moussey layer, over chestnut creme, on a biscuit base. It is sickly and heavy, but quite interesting. I preferred my pear pie (like apple pie but slightly richer in taste).

The pear tart

The pear tart

Pieguybxl took the genoise with raspberry which was also tasty. We didn’t try the vegan rice pudding with apple. All in all an excellent ‘second choice’ restaurant that I will be testing again. Hope the pumpkin is served again!


Food: A-
Atmosphere: A
Price: A-
Service: A-

Languages: French, English

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Beer by the pitcher

Posted by Pi on March 29, 2009


Foreigners who want a full pitcher of beer in Brussels may be hard-pressed to find one, but at least you can always do it at Belga.  Maybe we just aren’t as classy as Belgians and their individual bottles, but who cares?  Sometimes you just want a lot of beer for everyone.

This popular large cafe at Flagey in Ixelles recently went non-smoking, too, which also adds to its appeal.  The pitchers make the place that much more familiar.  Though sometimes crowded, it doesn’t get hot.  Like most bars, at night the music gets turned up, so talk louder or just start dancing.

Café Belga
Eugène Flageyplein 18

Atmosphere: A, non-smoking

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Mamma mia!

Posted by spacemonkey99 on March 4, 2009

Its a Brussels classic. And if you have been here longer than a few months and don’t know it, you’re either a hermit or don’t like pizza (the latter not being possible so must be the former)! Mamma Roma’s was originally only off of Place Flagey but they have been successful enough to have expanded to Place Chatelain and Place Jourdan as well. They have by-far the best Roman pizza in all of Brussels, and for cheap too. I eat a lot, and I never end up spending more than 7-10 euros. They have variety too and you order by the square (not the slice) so its easy to try different pizzas. Some of my favorites include the white pizza with potato and truffle sauce, the tomato and basil without cheese but oh-so much flavor, and the fresh mozzarella and cherry tomato which is juicy and delicious.

Food: A
Price: A
Service: Varies quite a bit but never bad – A
Atmosphere: A
Languages: French, English

Mamma Roma, Chaussée de Vleurgat 5
Ixelles 1050

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