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Made-to-order mac-and-cheese

Posted by Pi on May 15, 2009


If you’re visiting Manhattan in New York, stop off at tiny S’mac for some unhealthy spectacular goodness.  It focuses just on macaroni and cheese, and I was an instant fan.  This cheddar, mozzarella, ground beef, and brocolli version tasted so rich and bold that I had to take a picture.  At least now my brain can remember it in addition to my arteries.


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Oysters and mermaids

Posted by Pi on March 25, 2009


The next time you take your flight from Brussels to New York City, stop by the Mermaid Inn to try the scrumptious seafood.  If you can stand the crowd and don’t mind waiting at the bar for a seat, the seasonal oysters with zingy ginger-lemon sauce really can hit the spot.  Not a fan of the raw?  Then the subtle seared scallops with garlic greens and cream sauce can cool you down.  The intensely flavored crabcakes with shredded radish are the real winner, though, by far.

Places like this show me that Brussels definitely could scale up its seafood fare.  Mussels can be great, but I like some delicious crab once in a while, too, even if it runs a little pricy.

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