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Lies! Lies at La Terrasse!

Posted by Pi on November 20, 2009

I call BS.  Around lunchtime at La Terrasse by Merode, a sign clearly indicated that mussels were available inside, and my friends visiting from outside Belgium had quite the hankering for some mussels.


When we sat down on the pleasant outdoor terrace surrounded by hedges and asked for them, the waitress said that unfortunately they had just run out.  C’est dommage! So instead we ordered the carbonnade (~12 euros), which is, for the record, visually appealing but much better elsewhere.


Ten minutes into our meal, a bunch of francophones came in to eat, and lo and behold, they received a bucket of mussels.

Blast!  No mussels, my queue.

Maybe they had pre-ordered the mussels before coming in, but I don’t know.  Maybe the afternoon waitress doesn’t like foreigners.  Despite the charming atmosphere, the quality of the food is hit-or-miss here, anyway, so this adds one more reason to skip eating here sometimes.  They once replaced the burger meat with a slab of meatloaf, which was pretty bad.  Then again, the fried chicken burger is good.  Ah, consistently inconsistent.

La Terrasse
Avenue des Celtes 1, Etterbeek

Food: B
Atmosphere: A
Service: B-
Languages: French, English

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Maybe the sampler platter is leftovers

Posted by Pi on September 23, 2009

The welcoming guy who runs Paradis du Liban over at Merode desperately worked his sales pitch the other day.  I had gone in at about 2100h, hungry as ever due to the late dinnertime.  Almost immediately after greeting and seating me, he started pushing the “assiette degustation” (20 euros) like an Ecstasy dealer.  This was supposed to be Lebanese flatbreads together with a large plate of various dips and meats, including hummus, baba ghannouj, some samosa-like things, beef, and marinated vegetables.

Nevermind that I had come in already with kefta chicken skewers and rice on my mind, or that I had told him as much.  He insisted on the sampler plate in his friendly, slightly crazy, old-man way.  I’m easily swayed, so I decided to go for it; I’d take his recommendation anyway, strange as his insistence seemed.  How could I go wrong with a variety of food?

What a pity how disappointing it was.  It’s not that it was bad; it’s just that it wasn’t very good. Definitely not worth the price.  The bread was decent, though it came from a plastic bag and wasn’t warm.  I wondered if I could buy these at Carrefour.  The meats were dry and salty, and they tasted as if they had been sitting around for a while.  At least they were warm.  The cold side dishes were nothing special, either.  I had bought better tasting hummus from Delhaize once.  One side dish of cooked vegetables was cold, too, which also struck me as odd.   The best part was maybe the rkakat, which was like a small egg roll filled with a kind of cream cheese, and even then it wasn’t so interesting.

Oh well — no big deal.  If there’s a next time, then I’m getting the chicken, no matter how nice the guy is.   That’s what I get for giving in to people who are just a bit too insistent.  I should trust my internal weirdometer more at restaurants.

Paradis du Liban
Avenue de Tervuren 7, Etterbeek

Food: C
Atmosphere: B-
Service: A-
Languages: Arabic, English, French

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Posted by spacemonkey99 on March 11, 2009

There are places that are well-known, that people love or hate. At least if your restaurant or cafe is loved or hated – people are talking about it! Then there are the random places on a corner which never really catch your attention – unless you walk by every day. Sometimes those dingy, unappealing and straight-up boring looking places could surprise you with a good cheddar cheeseburger (12 euros) or a calzone (13 euros) oozing goodness.

Volcano Pizza...otherwise known as a calzone

Volcano Pizza...otherwise known as a calzone

Tastes better than it looks!

Tastes better than it looks!

Food: A-/B+
Price: B
Service: A
Atmosphere: C
Languages: French, English

L’Aurige, Avenue de Tervueren 24, 1040 Etterbeek
close to Merode metro

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