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Jaipur in Uccle

Posted by rachelinbxl on February 20, 2013

Previous posts will attest to my addiction to Indian food, and my sorrow at finding a poor selection in Brussels (well, I’m a Brit, I have high standards). There is one right near my office that I have never tried, however, and a group of colleagues and I set out to rectify this one Friday. One colleague had already tried it a few times and had been satisfied with the food – nothing amazing…. but good. Reviews on the websites told of very long waits for deliveries, and inaccurate order content. I was rather apprehensive.

We went at lunchtime and were the only people in the restaurant. The greeting was slow to come and very cool. We did not feel welcomed. The menus were haphazard (mine was almost empty, I had to share with my neighbour). They took a long time to come and take our orders and were rather uninformative on the fixed menu of the day (chicken tikka masala according to the blackboard outside). Orders placed, and drinks delivered, we settled down a bit more. We waited almost an hour for food. During this time we saw 2 deliveries leave and pondered calling in our order to see if we could get it faster! When the food finally arrived, it did not all arrive together. One colleague had taken the menu and got her curry but no rice. This took an extra 10 minutes to arrive, so we shared out other rice to compensate. A friend and I were sharing 3 ‘side dishes’ and the last one came so much later, we had finished the first two and most of the naan. No apologies were offered.

Naan bread

Naan bread

All that said.. what about the food. Well, these are the naan. Not bad, but not great.

Aubergine curry

Aubergine curry

This is the aubergine curry we had, which was pleasantly spiced, tomatoey and fresh.

Mushroom curry

Mushroom curry

The mushrooms with curry leaves was a creamy delight – my favourite dish at the table. Nothing was very spicy, most of the sauces were too sweet and the whole meal felt unsatisfying due to the long wait and the lousy service. I’m afraid we did not tip and I will not be going back. Maybe a delivery… but I’ll order 1 hour before I want to eat!

Ave de Fre
1180 Uccle

Food: B-
Atmosphere: C – more atmosphere in a takeaway joint!
Service: D
Price: B
Languages: French, English

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Quick lunch in Merode

Posted by rachelinbxl on April 14, 2011

I am not often in the Merode area of Brussels, but I wanted to show my Dad the European parliament, and then we wandered down to the Cinquantenaire and we were getting hungry. Since the Schuman side was very busy at a Monday lunchtime and the weather was glorious we wandered on through the arch to the wider choice of sit down restaurants on the other side. We didn’t really spend long searching, we checked the first two, and this was inspired my dad more. The owner was very friendly and the terrace wasn’t busy. Lunch with a variety of Lebanese mezze and a choice of brochette was 15 euros. I took the vegetarian plate (falafel) and my dad took the chicken. Service was quick.

Vegetarian lunch

Falafel lunch

The vegetarian lunch came with cheese and mint bourek, a spinach ‘samosa’ and the falafel balls. The sauces were humous, an aubergine paste and a mint and yoghurt sauce. I think the sauce with the falafel was tahini, but I am not sure. The salad was a basic mix of cabbage, green peppers and onion. The warm mangetout and tomato salad was more interesting. The waiter also brought an appetizer of olives and tomato served with oil and red salt that disappeared so fast I don’t have a photo of it.

Lunch with chicken brochette
The grilled chicken is hiding under the meat torpedo. Otherwise the dish is the same. Dad got a garlic sauce as well though.

All this slid down nicely with a brown maredsous and was followed by a decent coffee. Should you be hungry in Merode, like we were, you can do worse than this little place.

Resto Libanais
Ave de Tervuren,
Merode, Brussels

Food: B
Atmosphere: B
Service: A
Price: B
Languages: French, English

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Blue Chocolate

Posted by rachelinbxl on September 19, 2010

Blue Chocolate is the name of a fairly chic restaurant on Place Saint Job in Uccle. They have a wide choice of interesting dishes on the menu, but the main reason most people I know go there is for the lunch. It is near our office and they offer a menu at 14 euros of a starter and main course with one glass of house wine (red or white). The menu changes each day, but is a fixed selection. We booked for 18 people for a birthday party.
The decor is classy – brown walls with interesting art and beautiful flowers on the table. The restaurant is large, but in length, so it is not one loud open space. There is a lovely garden out the back in summer.
The birthday girl arrived at 12:20, and we ordered aperitifs. They took over 20 minutes to come, and in fact one girls hadnt arrived even when they had taken the meal orders!
Most people took the fixed menu, but I branched out on the amazing sounding ‘half cooked salmon filet with honey and lime sauce, served with daikon and beetroot and small maki’.
The starters for the others arrived quite quickly. One shrimp coquette. Small, but very tasty was the report. However the service, which had not been fast even before, then stalled. It took ages for the main course to arrive and for those of us without starters, we were getting rather hungry!

It was 13:20 by the time the food arrived. But it was worth the wait. I started before the other dishes arrived, since half cooked salmon cools off fast ;-).

The piece of fish itself was excellent and it was extremely well cooked. I found the mix of honey and lime really really interesting. I wasn’t sure that that should be combined with the daikon and beetroot mix, but those vegetables were very good together. The little maki’s were a small dose of carbohydrates but luckily Blue Chocolate gives excellent bread with the meal. The dish of the day was actually also salmon, but a very thin slice compared to my brick, and reportedly a little dry despite the light mustardy sauce. The fries were served in a ceramic mock fries cone with the burger at the other end of the table.
A surprise cake had been booked beforehand, so we weren’t too worried once the main course arrived. They cleared the table quickly and we were waiting at 13:30…. nothing… at 13:45 I got up to leave for a meeting, and then the cake appeared, with candles… so I sat back down. Once she had blown out the candles however the cake disappeared to be cut.. and there was no sign of it before 14:00. I actually got up and requested mine to go since I couldnt not afford the time that was clearly going to be necessary for everyone to get a piece, eat it, pay and leave. They got back at 15:00!
So, the food is really really good… no fault there, but the service is really slow. They should perhaps have constrained a group of 18 to a fixed menu; after all at lunchtime they must know that noone wants to wait long.

Blue Chocolate
24, Place Saint Job
1180 Uccle

Food: A
Atmosphere: B
Service: C
Price: B
Languages: French, English

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Lunch at Pl Jourdan – but not as you know it…

Posted by nandosgirl on April 29, 2010

As a first time contributer and a long time eater, I thought my first few postings should be about food I love. Today it was all about Tunisian food at Chez Fatma. It has many similarities to Moroccan food but small elements in the spices they use for their meats and salads make it slightly fresher on a warm day. This centrally placed restaurant in Place Jourdan makes it ideal for a slightly different type of food at a popular location!

We sat outside with a strong desire for a quick lunch and decided to go for the specials. My friend ordered the Grilled Chicken with a Tunisian Salad and I ordered a Skewer of Lamb/Merguez with a Tunisian Salad. The results were a quite pleasing, with freshly prepared salads with the right amount of dressing and the meats spiced and cooked to a perfect tenderness. The service was a little slow at first but we were the first people there and the waitress did underestimate how hungry we were, ultimately she picked up the speed when she realized we were decisive eaters.

For two mint teas and two main courses the meal averaged €30, which may seem a little over the odds for one meal during lunch where you are competing with the Frites House but the food was very good!

Chez Fatma

Place Jourdan 18

Food: B+
Atmosphere: B
Service: B
Price: B
Languages: French, English

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Good outdoor seafood; better service if you have breasts

Posted by Pi on April 22, 2010

Noordzee / Mer du Nord over at St. Catherine often is much too crowded or just closed.  The tiny place is standing-room-only, and all the people drinking white wine while eating their fish soup gave the place a slightly exciting aura of exclusivity.  Fortunately we managed to try it recently on one of these sunny days in Brussels, and some items on the menu, though not all, were well worth the effort.

The first success came with the small plate of freshly cooked calamari (~6 euros), lightly batter-fried and tender.  The flavor was subtle and definitely not too salty, making it perfect to eat while still hot.

The seafood soup (~5 euros) in a tomato-based broth also went down well.  The smell of this stuff probably lures a lot of people to that corner in the first place.  Fans of spiciness might be disappointed, though.  Also this came with some bread with an interesting neon orange sauce and parmesan cheese, but only one bite was taken from that.   It looked suspicious enough, but then a hair was hidden in the cheese, too, which is pretty nasty.

The seared scallop (~2.50 euros) over endive and mushroom-cream sauce looked fantastic, but ultimately it’s best for scallop-lovers only, as it was slightly too salty, and it tasted like nothing special once it cooled down.  That’s the problem with eating outside in Brussels.

When the crab burger (~6.50 euros)  with a tomato sauce finally came, my hopes and expectations were very high.  My female friend already was eating, since our server was the tall Spanish guy who catcalled to all the passing young women, meaning that he served the female sex significantly faster than others.  Unfortunately I expected too much, so I ended up slightly disappointed.  Again, it looked fantastic, and it tasted better than the scallop, but overall the taste of the crab was weak.  Over several minutes, the cold Brussels air gave the burger its final death sentence, extinguishing more heat and relegating the flavors of the dish to just average.  Next time, I’m eating the whole thing as soon as it hits the bar.

Speed is of the essence when you eat at the North Sea.  And maybe breasts, too, apparently.

Mer du Nord / Noordzee
Sint-Katelijnestraat 45, Brussels

Food: B+
Atmosphere: A+
Service: B-
Price: A
Languages: French, Flemish, English

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