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Much food for your money

Posted by spacemonkey99 on June 19, 2009

Post-Antwerp 10 mile race, which apparently is one of the races with the highest attendance in Belgium with 25,000 runners, we discovered a place where you get so much food for your money. For once we couldn’t actually eat it all. Unfortunately, all I can tell you for now is that it is in the center of Antwerp, very close to the train station. The waitress kindly humoured our post-race smelly selves and let us feast.

The 1/2 grilled chicken came with a side of potatoes and a huge salad. The meat platter was a meat-fest and the vol-au-vent was good. The table full of food cost us less than 15 euros a person with a large bottle of water.

Food: B
Atmosphere: B
Service: A-
Price: A
Languages: Dutch, English

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Best. Burger idea. Ever.

Posted by Pi on February 11, 2009


I can’t believe I never thought before to top a hamburger patty with… a fried egg.  I’m sorry, but that’s just awesome.  I admit that this may not be the discovery of cold fusion, but I’m a sucker for fried eggs.   The idea works so well.  The richness of the soft yolk could complement the meat splendidly, if done properly.

My friend got it (~12 euros) by the Brouckère over at the Cheesecake Cafe, a large place which is more convenient than gourmet.  However, I have to hand it to them with this one.  Even though I technically could do this at home, if I were around the area looking for casual food, I’d go back just to order that burger.  I definitely would not reorder the unsatisfying cannelloni (~15 euros).

Cheesecake Cafe
Place de Brouckère 8

Food: C+
Service: B+
Atmosphere: B
Language: French, English sometimes

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Let’s eat cow stomach!

Posted by Pi on January 18, 2009

Hong Kong Delight
Rue Sainte-Catherine, 35
1000 Brussels

This relatively small and austere establishment is about as close as you can get to good and authentic Cantonese cuisine in the city of Brussels.  It’s great for Belgian standards but lacks the best quality found elsewhere.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to at least try something you can’t get anywhere else.  Try the cow stomach and jellyfish (each 6-10 eu), for example.

The beef tripe was perfectly tender and not chewy at all, and the jellyfish, or meduse, mixed with cucumber and carrot also had that great crunch you can’t find with any other food.  For these and other more common dishes, perhaps with stir-fried beef, chicken, or vegetables (9-14 eu), the flavors always shout — almost too much, in fact.  All their food tends to be two shades too salty for my tastes.  I wonder if that’s just me, or if the cooks try to cater to the locals who want loads of sodium.  When I asked for extra spicy flavors, they did deliver, though, and I appreciate the care taken for my order.

While not the best Hong Kong food in the world, it at least has the honor of being the best in Brussels that I’ve found so far.  The attentive service makes up for some of the problems it may have in the food, or in the surroundings that feature hanging roasted duck.  When I try the roasted meats to-go one day, I’ll be sure to review them here.

Food: B
Price: A-
Service: A
Atmosphere: B
Languages spoken:  Cantonese, Mandarin, French, English

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