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Soft, chewy center

Posted by Pi on February 26, 2009

I tried a dessert dish at the Häagen-Dazs cafe franchise by the Louise metro, ever packed with patrons even in the winter.  They gave me a macadamia nut and white and dark chocolate warm cookie plated with one scoop of coffee-flavored fudge ice cream, a second of vanilla-caramel ice cream, and a dollop of whipped cream with chocolate sauce (~9 euros), along with a small cup of requisite water.  I smelled the rich and sweet aroma of the confection.  My expectations were high.

That cookie confounded me with the strangest pleasurable experience.  I had expected a different flavor, perhaps because of memories of other treats from Hawaii to New York City, but it did not taste like any cookie I had before.  It reminded me of extra-rich vanilla cupcake rather than a cookie because of its flavor and its fluffiness in the center.  At the same time the gradually denser and crustier outer ring concentrated so much interestingly bright flavor into its textures that I could not stop myself from reflecting upon each morsel in my mouth.  It contained sweetness, nuttiness, crunchiness from the flecks of roasted and crushed nuts coating the outside, nostalgic vanilla, and a tinge of saltiness that completed the circle.  I wanted a cookie that I remembered and instead got one that created an entirely new memory.

As for the ice cream, I did not actually know one scoop was coffee-flavored when I ordered it, and I do not like like coffee and must recuse myself from judging it.  My friend ate that.  The vanilla ice cream was respectable, though nothing out of the ordinary.  The cold of it contrasted well with the warm, sizable cookie.

I must try the chocolate fondue there when I have money to spare and the place is not crowded like a stable.  Many queued to be seated, the place seemed extremely hectic, and the time to get our bill from the waitress annoyed us.  However, if I can stand higher prices, corporate marketing, and an uncharming atmosphere that belies corporate chic, then some of the treats here really can satisfy some of my cravings.

Louise metro

Food: A
Price: B
Service: C
Languages: French

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The chocolate cake was sumptuous

Posted by Pi on January 31, 2009

Our picture does not do it justice:

chocolate cake

I tried l’Ultime Atome‘s chocolate cake (~5 euros) the other day, and it was extremely good.  The flavors and textures hit pleasure central somewhere between tasting like an American brownie and a smooth and rich Belgian chocolate mousse.  The vanilla sauce wasn’t even necessary.  I’d go for this again, for sure.

L’Ultime Atome
St. Boniface
Languages: French, English

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Posted by Pi on December 20, 2008

Rue de Celtes, Etterbeek, Brussels
and other locations

Belgian ice cream never tasted so good. As a former ice cream shop employee, I have become somewhat the connoisseur of frozen treats. Out of all that I’ve tasted around here, Capoue is in the upper crust.

For the price, it had better be. One box of the homemade ice cream (~€6.50) has about 4-10 servings, depending on the strength of your sweet tooth, and is slightly smaller than what you can buy at the supermarket. What it may lack in quantity certainly is made up by quality. The truly Belgian speculoos ice cream is a personal favorite, though very sweet, as is the pistachio flavor that features a truly smooth and subtle nuttiness. I have not tried all the flavors in its long menu, nor have I eaten inside the dining space yet, but feel free to try them out for yourself.

Get a cone from the front window sometime for you and your friend, for just a few euros. Be and eat rich for a while.

Food: A+

Languages spoken: French

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