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Uccle Punch

Posted by rachelinbxl on April 1, 2012

A guignol is a sort of puppet, a punch character of punch and judy fame. The waitress who welcomed me to this restaurant in a rather out of the way part of uccle reminded me of a puppet show in that she was tiny, but with a large mouth, loud voice and plenty of witty repartee!!
i headed the wrong direction to use the toilets and she informed the chef i was here to make desserts and do the washing up. She asked me if i wanted a drink while i waited for my friend and i answered that i would give him 5 minutes. She came back with “but not 6 right, because then he missed his chance”
But either way the resto is a place with character, and a huge choice of dishes, even before the suggestions.
I went for a risotto with shrimps and mushrooms, which was salty but tasty, with large pre-peeled prawns in it, and my friend for the traditional onglet a l’echalottes, with croquette potatoes.

The meat was definitely only just medium for the cuisson, but the sauce was tasty.
The pinot noir half bottle was overpriced, and rather mediocre. Perhaps a glass of the house red would have been a better budgetary choice. The beer selection is not wide, so wine is definitely more tempting.

For dessert i opted for the tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream, which my friendly judy waitress offered as tarte flambee. I grinned and acquiesced. I wasnt expecting to pay 3 euro extra for the calvados or equivalent that she poured, rather belatedly over the thin pastry and barely caramelised apples, making my ice cream melt rather precipitously. Unimpressed with dessert. My friend’s moelleux au chocolat was ok, but not amazing. Not dark enough in cocoa, perhaps. We didn’t leave a tip.

Le Guignol, Uccle

Food: B
Atmosphere: B
Service: A
Price: B
Languages: French, English

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Kung Fu Noodles

Posted by rachelinbxl on February 25, 2012

There is a cheap eatery right in the heart of Brussels, that is NOT fries! It’s called Au Bon Bol and it’s down the street to the right of The Meridian hotel opposite the Bourse. Just before the giant Asian supermarket (worth a look in if you want to try and prepare this at home). You can often see them preparing the noodles in the window, stretching, spinning and bouncing them into shape. These are tossed, briefly, into hot water and then served in a steaming bowl of broth, topped with either pork, beef, vegetables or prawns. They can also be made spicy, but there is Sriracha sauce on the tables, so you can also choose your own level of pain (I mean spice).

However, last time I tried to go there the small, cramped, of uncertain health and safety standards, eatery was closed for refurbishment. There was a sign on the door saying ‘Kung Fu’ served the same noodles. Well, this is on the square of the Bourse itself.  Next to the Cirio (almost).  Certainly next to the Grand Cafe. I hadn’t noticed this place before, so maybe it’s a new branch. It is quite clean and spacy inside, compared to the ‘original’ and serves the same quick bowl of noodles.

Shown here is the veggie version – which is more generous on veggies than the meat version is on meat. It’s also the cheapest at 10 euros. This is an entire meal! You can choose to go with chopsticks or cutlery. Serviettes are on the tables, the toilets are quite decent and the service is efficient, if not exactly friendly.

My friend tried the stir fried noodles with chicken, which were more generous with chicken, but slightly more expensive. Still decent value for money near the Bourse though… really! Fresh, hand made noodles, open almost all day, you can get chinese beer, or tea, or soft drinks. A good place for a warm up snack, a sit down and a toilet stop.

Au Bon Bol, Paul Devauxstraat / Kung Fu, Rue de la Bourse

Bourse, 1000 Bruxelles

Food: B
Atmosphere: B
Service: C
Price: A
Languages: French, Chinese

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Dragon City

Posted by rachelinbxl on October 17, 2010

Once a year, Belgium has Resto Days. This year 200 restaurants offered lunch at 21 Euros or dinner at 28 euros instead of their usual price (which varies). Bookings for the Michelin starred restaurants must be made very far in advance, so I chose a less well known place with availability. La Cite du Dragon in Uccle is a crazy kitsch palace near the Foret de Soignes with dragons, lions and fountains out the front. The menu available for restodays was a mixed starter plate – of various seafood. The scallop was excellent, the unidentified substance with prawns in the tomato was suspicious, and the crunchy parcel was interesting. The spicy sauce was just right. The plate was a good meal opener, varied but not too filling.

The entreeDuck with pineapple and ginger

The duck with pineapple and slightly cured ginger was excellent, but a very heavy plate. The bass was served on ‘waves’ of cucumber, wrapped around asparagus and served with orange mustard. The flavours were delicate and the textures amazing. But this dish was less filling (lucky I could share the duck). All the dishes were presented beautifully on fantastic plates.

Bass with orange mustardCreme brulee au jasmin with yuzu sorbet

They saved the best for last though – jasmine flavour creme brulee and yuzu sorbet. The jasmine flavour was subtle and more of an aftertaste than a flavour onslaught. The yuzu sorbet was a taste explosion that made the creme brulee pale in comparison, but they actually went very well together.

The service was incredibly attentive without being overdone. The restaurant has carp swimming under the floor in the main foyer and an outside pool area that you can wander. It’s a huge place with lots of glass windows and impressive toilets. Apparently there is a buffet Fridays and Sundays for 25 euros. Maybe I’ll check it out now I’ve seen the quality of the food.

La Cite du Dragon
1024 Chaussee de Waterloo

Food: B
Atmosphere: B
Service: A
Price: B
Languages: French, English

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1€ Custardy goodness

Posted by Pi on July 2, 2009

Quick tip:  Those sweet and rich Chinese egg custards really can be found in Brussels!  Just visit the center.  Excellent stuff.  Stop by the small bakery across the street from Kam Yuen to catch your fill before they’re all gone.  Don’t expect a huge selection after lunchtime.

St. Anny
Rue Sainte Catherine 4, Brussels

Languages:  Mandarin, French

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Sweet and salty Peking duck

Posted by Pi on March 23, 2009


We’re always on the lookout for good Peking / Beijing duck in Brussels, and so far it has been elusive.  The perfect version should have the right balance of savory roast duck with crispy, flavorful skin; hoisin or plum sauce; spice and crunch from fresh green onions or other vegetables; and all put together in a dense but thin rice or wheat wrapper.

One version, shown above, comes from a Chinese restaurant just south of the Kam Yuen market.   It may have tasted pretty good, as the dish goes here, but we’re still on the lookout for better.  The duck missed a little bang, but at least it didn’t have bones, like other places!  They also give you all the components separately, so if you like putting together your own wrap with a personal duck-to-onion ratio, this place is for you.

Once we remember the name of the place, we’ll add it in this entry, but if you walk down that Brouckere street, you can’t miss it.  Where else can we find this dish?  Where are the excellent versions in Belgium?

“Restaurant Chinois” south of the Kam Yuen market
Food: B+
Atmosphere: B
Languages: Mandarin, French, English

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