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African sunshine

Posted by rachelinbxl on August 11, 2013

One of my favourite places to eat in the summer is the Matonge. This area, near St Boniface, is full of life, character(s). warmth. good food and cheap beer. Their spicy chicken wings get your fingers sticky and you can smell Africa even the next day. The terraces are heated. You share long tables with other diners and everyone is enjoying themselves. Once Brussels jazz kicks off, I have to go to the Matonge for my dose. My boyfriend would go every week if he could.
I won’t pick out one particular restaurant, as “rue de la longue vie” has many and they intermingle. They all serve chicken with onions or peanut sauce, mafe and spicy dip. They also all have tilapia (a fish that is fantastic grilled), goat, plantains, rice. samosas (vegetarian or not) and giant bottles of jupiler served at the table with tiny little glasses. The tables out on the terraces have boxes of tissues to clean your fingers and bowls of insanely hot red chili sauce.
The food is not haute cuisine… and one cannot really go and sit there alone and expect to be left alone.. but everyone is friendly, the food is never bad (though the plantains have been very dry on occasion). Food is cheap. the company is good and you come home feeling warmer just for having been there. Try a mixed plate that features samosas, chicken wings, plantains, rice and peanut sauce (at last testing not very peanutty)….

Tilapia,  plaintain and some leaves

Tilapia, plaintain and some leaves

Their opening hours are indiscernible. Whenever the weather suits eating on a terrace… and they are busy from 12 noon through to 12 midnight!

Anywhere in the Matonge, especially Rue de la Longue Vie
1050 Ixelles
Food: B (varies down to C if you are unlucky)
Atmosphere: A
Service: B Friendly but disinterested.. but that’s OK!
Price: A
Languages: English  and French, or a sort of mix

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Blue Bamboo at the Bourse

Posted by rachelinbxl on June 7, 2010

In my ongoing search for a truly great Thai curry at affordable prices, I tested New Bamboo near the Bourse.
It is a mix of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, in a very pleasant setting. They have an outdoor terrace, but we chose to avoid the smokers and keep our food a bit warmer. We were very hungry, so had soup for starters as well as the mains and the jasmine tea. We even had ‘entertainment’ by way of the Police being called to deal with a woman on the terrace who refused to pay for her meal. We couldn’t quite follow the whole story without really obviously getting up to go and hear what was going on, so we’re not sure if the food was TOO spicy or not spicy enough…. but either way, she paid in the end….

So, this is the sweetcorn and chicken soup. A very corny tasting soup, creamy and not overly salted. I liked it, but preferred the pepper soup.
The pepper soup (not actually spicy, but a very rich taste). Also contained chicken and mushrooms. A very tasty soup, though I’m still not sure which pepper they mean.

I had the red curry. it was definitely not too spicy.. in fact I make it spicier myself. Eating with an Algerian friend, she asked for her Beef Tipan (see below) extra extra spicy. The guy clearly didn’t dare overdo it, but in comparison my curry was bland! Still, the mix of spices was very nice, and the creaminess of the coconut milk was still very obvious. There was definitely 2 different chicken breasts in the dish, however, as some pieces of chicken were incredibly chewy, whereas others were deliciously tender. I wasn’t sure that this was due to the candle heating device they use to keep the meal warm.

Chicken curry

Chicken curry

Served up with the rice.

This was the extra spicy Beef Tipan, which made my nose run. My friend loved it though. The waiter was very interested to know what she thought, and almost pleased when she said that next time she’d ask for it even spicier! Maybe they get bored catering to our sensitive taste buds. Anyway… I couldn’t really taste the other veggies in the dish, due to the chilis.. but she informed me that the mushrooms and peppers were delicious.
Beef dish (spicy!)

Beef Tipan

The jasmine tea was plentiful and served hot, so we were best pleased. The meal was also fairly cheap.. once I’ve tested the others I’ll give a final verdict.

New au Bamboo Fleur
Jules van praetstraat
Bruxelles Ville

Food: B+
Atmosphere: B-
Service: B
Price: A-
Languages: French, probably Vietnamese!

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Positive Pasta Tastings

Posted by Pi on May 3, 2010

Does Le Patty Pâtes suck?  That was the controversy, as I had heard from multiple sources quite different opinions on the food.  Since fresh pasta is hard to come by, especially in Brussels, we finally went there for lunch the other day to add our vote.

First came the homemade “Nina” plate (~15 euros), with basically a bolognese and mozzarella.  This was one of the few dishes without a cream sauce, too, if you care about that.  When I got the plate, I was skeptical, but the relatively simple dish really impressed me.  I loved the meaty and flavorful sauce — although it was slightly saltier than in other places, this perfectly complemented the fresh and filling tagliatelle underneath when mixed together.

Then there was a chicken-and-mushrooms dish over the same type of pasta, with bits of ham.  Although my friend thought it was delicious, in the end he found it a bit heavy from the cream and couldn’t finish everything.  Of course, if it were gluttonous me, I probably would’ve eaten it all.

Apparently the place gets packed by 1pm on most afternoons, and it’s not open for dinner all the time, so getting a place may be difficult.  However, if you get the chance, I recommend trying it, as I enjoyed the meal.  The fresh pasta mainly sells the place, and the dense flavor of my tagliatelle definitely was better than in the average Brussels pasta bar.

However, the contradictory reviews I had heard beforehand suggests that eating here could be a risk, as the experience might not be consistent, and some may find nothing special about it.  Maybe the inconsistency is just a reflection of hand-made food in general?   Pasta fans should go there and find out.

Le Patty Pâtes
10, Rue Ernest Solvay, Ixelles

Food: A
Service: A-
Atmosphere: A
Price: A-
Languages: French, maybe English

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Roasted Chicken Love

Posted by Pi on November 16, 2009

Carnivores have to take advantage of the succulent roasted chickens over at the weekly Sunday morning market at Place Jourdan.  There are at least two places to choose from for the poulets, but you might have to queue for a while if you go late by lunchtime.  At 8-10 euros each for a large and tasty bird, the wait is worth it.


It’s a good thing that Brussels has several markets around the area with fresh breads, fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, fish, and all sorts of other things, not to mention flowers and cheap clothes.  Just another plus for the city.

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Southeast Asian chill spot with quite the décor

Posted by Pi on July 21, 2009

…guest blogger KiBXL reports!

As someone lucky enough to live near Chatelain, I find it exciting when another new resto opens up in the area. The latest addition is Lucy Chang on the corner of rue Americaine and rue du Mail. This place is perfect for a summer’s after-work drink and dinner; there are tables in the sun outside and a spacious airy interior decorated with a shiny ceiling and a cool mismatch of Asian artifacts.  All that’s topped off with friendly and efficient service.

The menu boasts a range of Southeast Asian cuisine which all sound mouth watering. I settled on a Thai spicy chicken salad (Laab Gai 8,50eur) matched with a sweet milky cold Thai tea to sooth my burning mouth (think bubble tea without the tapioca). This dish was hot as it should be, but at a level that was still edible and that did not mask the distinctive fresh herb flavours. Not bad at all. My friend’s noodles (one from the Wok menu) also looked and smelled extremely appetizing.

Lucy Chang Asian Grocery and Noodle Shop
124 rue Americaine, Ixelles

Food: A-
Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Price: B+


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