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Mamma mia!

Posted by spacemonkey99 on March 4, 2009

Its a Brussels classic. And if you have been here longer than a few months and don’t know it, you’re either a hermit or don’t like pizza (the latter not being possible so must be the former)! Mamma Roma’s was originally only off of Place Flagey but they have been successful enough to have expanded to Place Chatelain and Place Jourdan as well. They have by-far the best Roman pizza in all of Brussels, and for cheap too. I eat a lot, and I never end up spending more than 7-10 euros. They have variety too and you order by the square (not the slice) so its easy to try different pizzas. Some of my favorites include the white pizza with potato and truffle sauce, the tomato and basil without cheese but oh-so much flavor, and the fresh mozzarella and cherry tomato which is juicy and delicious.

Food: A
Price: A
Service: Varies quite a bit but never bad – A
Atmosphere: A
Languages: French, English

Mamma Roma, Chaussée de Vleurgat 5
Ixelles 1050

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Posted by spacemonkey99 on December 8, 2008

I just had a quick lunch at the Chinese-owned Anata restaurant down Anspachlaan for the first time today after wanting to try it for some time, and it did not disappoint.  If you aren’t looking for perfect food, but just want a reliably good, fast, and substantial meal for not too many euros, this is the place.

When we got there, the hostess, though brusque, was nice and seated us away from the door of the small place when we asked, even if we were two people sitting at a table for four.  Service was quicker than expected, they spoke our language, and they even gave us a new drinking glass when we asked for one, without any of the guff that you might expect in other places.  Granted, we had to get a new glass because the old one had an odorous quality reminiscent of fish, but keep everything in perspective here.  All things considered:  not bad.

I had the Katsudon hot bowl of rice with fried pork and egg, with vegetables (~€10).  In the cold of the day, when I was hungry after the gym, it really was pretty good.  I got it fast and was satisfied, though I would have liked more meat.  I would go again, and next time I’ll have the courage to try the sushi in the bento boxes.

Anata, Boulvard Anspach 74
Food: B
Drink: B
Service: A-
Value for money For food: A-
Interior: B-
Other factors: They speak French, English, and Mandarin

-Pie Guy

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