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Lies! Lies at La Terrasse!

Posted by Pi on November 20, 2009

I call BS.  Around lunchtime at La Terrasse by Merode, a sign clearly indicated that mussels were available inside, and my friends visiting from outside Belgium had quite the hankering for some mussels.


When we sat down on the pleasant outdoor terrace surrounded by hedges and asked for them, the waitress said that unfortunately they had just run out.  C’est dommage! So instead we ordered the carbonnade (~12 euros), which is, for the record, visually appealing but much better elsewhere.


Ten minutes into our meal, a bunch of francophones came in to eat, and lo and behold, they received a bucket of mussels.

Blast!  No mussels, my queue.

Maybe they had pre-ordered the mussels before coming in, but I don’t know.  Maybe the afternoon waitress doesn’t like foreigners.  Despite the charming atmosphere, the quality of the food is hit-or-miss here, anyway, so this adds one more reason to skip eating here sometimes.  They once replaced the burger meat with a slab of meatloaf, which was pretty bad.  Then again, the fried chicken burger is good.  Ah, consistently inconsistent.

La Terrasse
Avenue des Celtes 1, Etterbeek

Food: B
Atmosphere: A
Service: B-
Languages: French, English

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Cozy and Belgian

Posted by Pi on September 8, 2009

Three huge boulettes, or meatballs in tomato sauce, lay on my plate, accompanied by a side salad and metal bowl full of frites (9 euros).  The other foreigners around me were eating stoemp, carbonnade, and plates of mixed greens and shrimp, along with their golden beers, as the multilingual waitresses brought out the comfort food with ease and a smile.  The setting was small and cozy.  The brick walls were lined with local decor, and the inviting lighting reminded me of home.  How Belgian!  What an appropriate place for dinner during the last fading warm days of summer in Brussels.

Les Brassins
Rue Keyenveld 36, Ixelles

Food: B
Atmosphere: A+
Service: A+
Price: A
Languages: French, Dutch, English

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Posted by spacemonkey99 on February 22, 2009

In the trendy St. Boniface square sits this hugely popular brasserie (note: it was not possible to get a table for 8 earlier than 9pm on a Monday night for a same-day booking).  Belgo Belge is charming with good food. It has a warm, inviting atmosphere and it’s the type of place you can take your out-of-town friends to, have a birthday dinner, a coffee and a chat – and never be disappointed.  In fact, I have done all of the above!  Almost  all the classic Belgian dishes are recommended, as are the large variety of Belgian beers on the menu.  I took friends visiting from Melbourne, Australia there and they had a great time communicating with the French-only speaking waiter for beer recommendations.

The decor is simple and tasteful and the service on the better side compared to many other places in Brussels.  Just note not to order your steak “bien cuit” as their solution seems to be to cook it to the point of the meat being inedible.

Main dishes: A-

Prices: B

Service: B+

Atmosphere: A-

Languages: French

Belgo Belge, Rue de la Paix, 1050 Bruxelles

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