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Fancy a cuppa?

Posted by rachelinbxl on July 29, 2013

Finding a good brew in Brussels when one means tea rather than beer is a challenge. Once a year, tea amateurs Eric and Adeline de Vrij set up a Tea Garage in Brussels where one can go and taste fantastic Japanese and Taiwanese tea made really well.
Eric worked previously at Tea Smith in London Spitalfields – a great place to try when you are travelling. Their collection is built up from many sources, and I tried a Japanese Puerh called Rosecha that he found in Budapest!

Other than that, it’s make it yourself… but where can you buy it?

L’Heure Bleu. Avenue des Arts 12, 1210 Brussels (Metro Madou)
Nong Cha. Dansaertstr 4, 1000 Brussels (Bourse)
Eden, rue du Page 27, 1050 Brussels
Tea and Eat, place Stephanie, 1000 Brussels (Betjeman and Barton teas)
Septieme Tasse, rue Bailli
Maison du The, Rue du Postillon, 1180 Uccle
Do you have any other good tea recommendations in Brussels? Let me know!

Tea Garage
Drinks: A (they do offer homemade biscuits, but I won’t pay that for shortbread!)
Atmosphere: B (well, its a garage, but all customers are into tea and easy to chat to!)
Service: A
Price: B+
Languages: French, English

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Best Hot Chocolate Competition part 1

Posted by rachelinbxl on October 15, 2012

Of course, one of the things we are spoiled for choice on in Belgium is all things cocoa related!

I have my favourite chocolatiers – Zaabar and Blondeel are on the list. Zaabar for their chocolate bars of different cocoa origins, and Blondeel for their hot chocolates. There are others I must try – Wittamer is one I have often heard recommended. But I stick to St Catherine for this post.

The tea house has varied the selection in the past, but recently stuck to tried and tested – Venezuela – lower cocoa content but with chili powder and lemongrass flavour, Ghana (85% coca) with vanilla, cinnamon and aniseed (not strong), Madagascar (63% simple cocoa and milk), Safraan – more expensive 63% topped with frothed milk and real safran, and the 100% cocoa with mountain honey – that I love but that shouldn’t be considered as a drinking chocolate 😉

Madagascar Ghana – velvety smooth, vanilla undertones
Ghana Venezuela – more milky, with chili powder and lemongrass
The tea room The decor – Mayan?

If you go with  few people, try each! I’m also told their coffees are excellent. Their tea suffers from the typical Belgian problem of not being served hot enough in my British opinion. The Ghana is stronger on the cocoa content, and velvety smooth. The Venezuela was very hot on the chili to start with, with the lemongrass coming through more towards the bottom of the cup. This one is harder to taste the cocoa, it’s somewhat overpowered. The safran one was the biggest disappointment to me. It’s more expensive and much milkier. Maybe my palate is not refined enough, but I couldn’t taste the safran in this. My favourite remains the 100% – but I eat it with a spoon. It is not sweet, nor milky, despite being based on milk and chocolate. The honey adds a delightful wild flavour to the cocoa, but this is not a refreshing drink. It’s a medicinal pick me up filled with endorphins and feel-good factor!

They always put 2 chocolates beside your hot chocolate, as well as a glass of water that is much appreciated. One is their most famous praline based on florentine pieces – caramelised sugar with small nuts in it. You can ask to select chocolates from the counter for a small extra cost to enjoy with your drinks  (the price varies with who is serving!). They offer great flavours – including chili, wasabi, sea salt, earl grey, jasmine and rosemary. At 10 euros per 100g, you will only take away a few chocolates in a plastic bag unless you are on a splurge.

This place is often busy for the sit-down, but worth a visit! if it’s too packed, pop round the corner to Charli to test their pain au chocolat. I’ve since tested their beer and pumpkin seed bread and it is worth the trip!

Frederic Blondeel

Quai aux Briques 241000 Bruxelles
Drinks: A
Atmosphere: B
Service: A
Price: B+
Languages: French, Dutch, English


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Shards of flavor exploding in my mouth!

Posted by Pi on April 29, 2010

Recently, the pretty excellent Flemish catering company Kwizine introduced me to explosiesuiker.

I got a surprise when eating some dessert, since it only looked like chunky brown sugar, but as soon as it contacted the water in my mouth, little fireworks went off in my mouth.  The guy sitting next to me could hear it through my cheeks.  I was either being drugged or being fed something similar to Poprocks candy, except Dutch or Flemish, and fortunately there was no pain involved despite what I titled this post.  The surprise was nice.  I can imagine using it for random desserts, drinks, and pranks.  Go search for some explosiesuiker on the web, and you’ll see what I mean.

By the way, if you’re looking for a caterer for business or party events, the food prepared by Kwizine pretty much is on par with the high-class pictures on the website.  I highly recommend looking into the small business.

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Potent Potables: Vegan organic soda?

Posted by Pi on April 16, 2010

I was admittedly suspicious of the stuff.  The other beverages available included something like tea with yak’s butter and spices, and this seemed on par: organic cola.  Is it made with sugar and flavors raised without chemicals?  That’s cool.  And how hippie is that?

Not just organic cola, but vegancompatible cola.   Apparently there are no chunks of hormone-fed beef in this soda, and that makes me feel much better about it.

From what I was told, it tasted pretty much as expected and confirmed all lingering suspicions one might have before drinking it.  But it was potable.  Not bad.  Especially for the vegans.  Or for the folk who like to step out of their comfort zones to taste something sweet like liquid candy and herbs.

Anyway, this is my faulty, perhaps imaginative memory of what someone else told me about the taste, so go over to Dolma off Flagey yourself to try it if you’re curious.

“Nutty Cola Nut”.  Ha.

Finally, on a very tangential random note, here’s a photo of my favorite selection from Dolma, the roasted marinated pumpkin with avocado.  Fantastic:

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Ugly But Tasty Duck

Posted by Pi on November 30, 2009

Brings new meaning to “ugly duckling”.  Fowl, but not foul, fortunately.

This take-home roasted duck (13 euros) from the small Vietnamese grocer Xuan Minh can look a little unsettling, but when heated in the oven you will forget all that.  The meat has a great flavor with the right amount of saltiness and meatiness.  Being duck, it also has lots of fat that not only helped the duck float when alive but also helps the meat taste like poultry’s glorious version of bacon after some crisping in the oven.  Sticklers for health can scrape off all the skin, too, of course, but that’s no fun.

I tried to take a photo from the side that wasn’t cut into, so that it wouldn’t look so unappealing, but you can still see it.  Oops.  Anyway, whatever, it’s roasted duck on a plate, not the Mona Lisa.  What can you do, put glitter on it in the shape of a smiley face?  If you like duck or other Vietnamese produce, check this place out.

Xuan Minh
Avenue Georges Henri 31, Woluwe

Languages: French, Vietnamese

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