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Dragon City

Posted by rachelinbxl on October 17, 2010

Once a year, Belgium has Resto Days. This year 200 restaurants offered lunch at 21 Euros or dinner at 28 euros instead of their usual price (which varies). Bookings for the Michelin starred restaurants must be made very far in advance, so I chose a less well known place with availability. La Cite du Dragon in Uccle is a crazy kitsch palace near the Foret de Soignes with dragons, lions and fountains out the front. The menu available for restodays was a mixed starter plate – of various seafood. The scallop was excellent, the unidentified substance with prawns in the tomato was suspicious, and the crunchy parcel was interesting. The spicy sauce was just right. The plate was a good meal opener, varied but not too filling.

The entreeDuck with pineapple and ginger

The duck with pineapple and slightly cured ginger was excellent, but a very heavy plate. The bass was served on ‘waves’ of cucumber, wrapped around asparagus and served with orange mustard. The flavours were delicate and the textures amazing. But this dish was less filling (lucky I could share the duck). All the dishes were presented beautifully on fantastic plates.

Bass with orange mustardCreme brulee au jasmin with yuzu sorbet

They saved the best for last though – jasmine flavour creme brulee and yuzu sorbet. The jasmine flavour was subtle and more of an aftertaste than a flavour onslaught. The yuzu sorbet was a taste explosion that made the creme brulee pale in comparison, but they actually went very well together.

The service was incredibly attentive without being overdone. The restaurant has carp swimming under the floor in the main foyer and an outside pool area that you can wander. It’s a huge place with lots of glass windows and impressive toilets. Apparently there is a buffet Fridays and Sundays for 25 euros. Maybe I’ll check it out now I’ve seen the quality of the food.

La Cite du Dragon
1024 Chaussee de Waterloo

Food: B
Atmosphere: B
Service: A
Price: B
Languages: French, English

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Posted by spacemonkey99 on May 4, 2010

I have been hearing about Izakaya for years.  As the story goes, it used to be a place run by and for Japanese customers only (or you had to at least be Japanese-speaking).  I guess times change, and now there are non-Japanese customers such as myself who venture to try it.  But, by the number of Japanese clientele it seems it has quite authentic cuisine (or they could just be there for the Japanese karaoke found in the basement).  Above you see the free starter everyone gets but not everyone enjoys. Its tangy, sweet, fishy.  Those familiar with real (not the Westernized versions) of Japanese, Korean or even Chinese cuisine will taste familiar flavors and textures.  Those less familiar will either love it or hate it.

We decided to try a variety of dishes including the above mixed platter (~10 euros) of yakitori and other grilled meats.  The chicken, mushroom and shrimp were by far the best.  The strange one was the cheese and bacon. Question mark there.

Above the grilled mackerel, a favorite with fish lovers and recommended here as it was quite tasty.

The karaage (fried chicken) was also done well for those familiar with this dish. Crispy and crunchy.

We also tried many other dishes such as the udon, tempura, chicken with rice and so on.  Overall, our group had mixed reviews.  Some people loved it.  The udon was overcooked and the noodles were soggy which was a disappointment. The tempura was perfect ~ light, fluffy, tasty but a bit expensive at 18 euros for 6 – 7 pieces.  In spite of being a bit expensive (we paid 35 euros a person and not everyone felt they had eaten sufficiently) I would recommend this place ~ order some warm or chilled sake, enjoy the dishes in a tapas-style way sharing with your friends and try something Japanese other than sushi!


Chaussée de Vleurgat, 123

1050 Ixelles

Food: B+/A-
Atmosphere: B+/A-
Service: A-
Price: B
Languages: French, English, Japanese

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Positive Pasta Tastings

Posted by Pi on May 3, 2010

Does Le Patty Pâtes suck?  That was the controversy, as I had heard from multiple sources quite different opinions on the food.  Since fresh pasta is hard to come by, especially in Brussels, we finally went there for lunch the other day to add our vote.

First came the homemade “Nina” plate (~15 euros), with basically a bolognese and mozzarella.  This was one of the few dishes without a cream sauce, too, if you care about that.  When I got the plate, I was skeptical, but the relatively simple dish really impressed me.  I loved the meaty and flavorful sauce — although it was slightly saltier than in other places, this perfectly complemented the fresh and filling tagliatelle underneath when mixed together.

Then there was a chicken-and-mushrooms dish over the same type of pasta, with bits of ham.  Although my friend thought it was delicious, in the end he found it a bit heavy from the cream and couldn’t finish everything.  Of course, if it were gluttonous me, I probably would’ve eaten it all.

Apparently the place gets packed by 1pm on most afternoons, and it’s not open for dinner all the time, so getting a place may be difficult.  However, if you get the chance, I recommend trying it, as I enjoyed the meal.  The fresh pasta mainly sells the place, and the dense flavor of my tagliatelle definitely was better than in the average Brussels pasta bar.

However, the contradictory reviews I had heard beforehand suggests that eating here could be a risk, as the experience might not be consistent, and some may find nothing special about it.  Maybe the inconsistency is just a reflection of hand-made food in general?   Pasta fans should go there and find out.

Le Patty Pâtes
10, Rue Ernest Solvay, Ixelles

Food: A
Service: A-
Atmosphere: A
Price: A-
Languages: French, maybe English

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Lunch at Pl Jourdan – but not as you know it…

Posted by nandosgirl on April 29, 2010

As a first time contributer and a long time eater, I thought my first few postings should be about food I love. Today it was all about Tunisian food at Chez Fatma. It has many similarities to Moroccan food but small elements in the spices they use for their meats and salads make it slightly fresher on a warm day. This centrally placed restaurant in Place Jourdan makes it ideal for a slightly different type of food at a popular location!

We sat outside with a strong desire for a quick lunch and decided to go for the specials. My friend ordered the Grilled Chicken with a Tunisian Salad and I ordered a Skewer of Lamb/Merguez with a Tunisian Salad. The results were a quite pleasing, with freshly prepared salads with the right amount of dressing and the meats spiced and cooked to a perfect tenderness. The service was a little slow at first but we were the first people there and the waitress did underestimate how hungry we were, ultimately she picked up the speed when she realized we were decisive eaters.

For two mint teas and two main courses the meal averaged €30, which may seem a little over the odds for one meal during lunch where you are competing with the Frites House but the food was very good!

Chez Fatma

Place Jourdan 18

Food: B+
Atmosphere: B
Service: B
Price: B
Languages: French, English

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Beef, a Burger, and Beer at Belgian Les Brassins

Posted by Pi on April 25, 2010

Although we mentioned Les Brassins before, recently we had a chance to follow up with some photos of the things we liked there: onion soup (~5 euros), Tripel Karmeliet beer, sweet Faro Lindemans beer, lunch menu onglet beef steak (~13 euros) with stoemp and salad, the Brassins Burger with chunky fries (~13 euros), and a dame noir (~6 euros).  Nice little place.  The beer sauces are pretty good on the rabbit and beef dishes.  My worst experience is having my cut of onglet steak smell funny, but overall the food is still great, and the atmosphere is even better.

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