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New Contender in the Burger Wars

Posted by Pi on February 11, 2010

I just had my first Schievelavabo XXL burger with salad and fries (~11 euros) over at Place Jourdan, and given the location, atmosphere, price, quantity, and, of course, flavor, I’d say I just found a new burger joint in Brussels.

The thick double beef patties were stacked on top of each other, with a mustard sauce on top, and although the meat wasn’t as juicy as at Fatboy’s, it still was pretty good, all things considered. Definitely better than the Cheescake Corner or La Terrasse. The place wasn’t so packed during this weeknight dinner hour, and it had the perfect cozy and relaxed atmosphere with which to end the day after the gym. This little chain also has restaurants in Uccle, Forest, and Woluwe, so I wonder how they compare.

Chausee de Wavre 344, Etterbeek

Food: B+
Price: A
Atmosphere: A
Languages: French


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Celebrating the Fall of the Wall with Western gluttony

Posted by Pi on November 18, 2009

At least one cute girl was spotted peacefully reading books inside cozy Maxburg by Schuman, so the place clearly has more than great food.  The home-like establishment has delicious German comfort food in excellently sized portions, all served within friendly and familial surroundings.  The standard wiener schnitzel (~12 euros) is a savory slab of fried flattened pork, accompanied by a generous crunchy green salad and fried potatoes.  I also tried the beef stroganoff in a creamy red wine sauce (~13 euros) the last time I was there, and the well-cooked meat had a deep and bold flavor that was very tasty.  If you don’t feel like driving across the border for food like this, just head over to the European quarter.

108 Rue Steven, Brussels

Food: A
Price: A
Atmosphere: A-
Languages: German, English, French

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Loud and proud in Place Lux

Posted by Pi on November 9, 2009

Can’t beat a classic meal at Fat Boys!  I haven’t run across another place in Brussels with as consistently great burgers.  Accompanied by fries, wings, and a beer, how can you go wrong at this rare and rough sports bar in the city?


The expat English-American atmosphere lends to the flavor.


Fat Boys
Place du Luxembourg 5, Brussels

Food: B+
Price: B+
Atmosphere: A-
Service: A
Languages: English, French, Dutch

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Cozy and Belgian

Posted by Pi on September 8, 2009

Three huge boulettes, or meatballs in tomato sauce, lay on my plate, accompanied by a side salad and metal bowl full of frites (9 euros).  The other foreigners around me were eating stoemp, carbonnade, and plates of mixed greens and shrimp, along with their golden beers, as the multilingual waitresses brought out the comfort food with ease and a smile.  The setting was small and cozy.  The brick walls were lined with local decor, and the inviting lighting reminded me of home.  How Belgian!  What an appropriate place for dinner during the last fading warm days of summer in Brussels.

Les Brassins
Rue Keyenveld 36, Ixelles

Food: B
Atmosphere: A+
Service: A+
Price: A
Languages: French, Dutch, English

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Make it a Thursday night

Posted by spacemonkey99 on June 14, 2009

Over the last three years I have watched the evolution of one of my favorite eateries. The first time I went to El Vergel, I remember thinking the food was great and it was cheap relative to the quality and amount you received. Then about a year later I was a bit annoyed at the obvious and quite large prices increases (over 2 euros on some dishes) that appeared practically overnight. This was attributed to the price of meat going up (that vicious cycle of increasing grain costs due to fuel costs blah blah). Of course it didn’t have anything to do with the hordes of Eurocrats that flock there every lunch from the European Parliament and Commission and the ING and other bankers in the area, all of whom obviously have money to spend.

That said, the food is still delicious, and they still make a hell of a margarita if you happen to drop by on a Thursday night (the only night of the week that they stay open for dinner). Top of the list are the chicken and beef tacos (7.10 and 7.50 euros respectively) and the chicken salad (9.30 euros). The daily special is usually a meat and potato/rice/plantain type dish and almost always great (~10 euros). Sometimes it is packed for lunch and the service can be quite slow, but generally friendly. The best time to go is Thursday evening when there are less customers and you can enjoy your meal in some peace. The cheesecake (3.70 euros) is probably the best in town.

El Vergel, Rue du Trone 39, 1050 Elsene

Food: A
Atmosphere: A/B ~ depends if its for lunch or on a Thursday night
Service: A/B ~ depends if its for lunch or on a Thursday night
Price: B
Languages: French, English, Spanish

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