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Fancy a cuppa?

Posted by rachelinbxl on July 29, 2013

Finding a good brew in Brussels when one means tea rather than beer is a challenge. Once a year, tea amateurs Eric and Adeline de Vrij set up a Tea Garage in Brussels where one can go and taste fantastic Japanese and Taiwanese tea made really well.
Eric worked previously at Tea Smith in London Spitalfields – a great place to try when you are travelling. Their collection is built up from many sources, and I tried a Japanese Puerh called Rosecha that he found in Budapest!

Other than that, it’s make it yourself… but where can you buy it?

L’Heure Bleu. Avenue des Arts 12, 1210 Brussels (Metro Madou)
Nong Cha. Dansaertstr 4, 1000 Brussels (Bourse)
Eden, rue du Page 27, 1050 Brussels
Tea and Eat, place Stephanie, 1000 Brussels (Betjeman and Barton teas)
Septieme Tasse, rue Bailli
Maison du The, Rue du Postillon, 1180 Uccle
Do you have any other good tea recommendations in Brussels? Let me know!

Tea Garage
Drinks: A (they do offer homemade biscuits, but I won’t pay that for shortbread!)
Atmosphere: B (well, its a garage, but all customers are into tea and easy to chat to!)
Service: A
Price: B+
Languages: French, English

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Bite Me Update

Posted by rachelinbxl on July 8, 2013

A common problem with a blog is going back to check old posts are still relevant. Has the cuisine got better/worse? Has the price/quality ratio changed? Is the restaurant even still there?
Well, this weekend I wanted to go back to this cafe: Ethiopian Coffee and it isn’t there. However, I am told it has just moved to Place St Jean, Brussels centre. Can anyone confirm this?

Also, while in the Marolles, I stopped by the stock up on beers at ‘Au nom de la biere’, mentioned in this post on burger and beer. The shop is rented from the hotel next to the public swimming pool on Place de Jeu de Balles, and they want the space back. So they are closing down and beer is 30-50% reduced. I got a 3 Fonteinen Schaerbeekse Kriek 75cl bottle for 16 euros… so anyone wanting to try hard to find bottles… get over to the Marolles before 25 July! Stop by for mussels and the Bal National on 21 July even! The shop is open on Sundays.

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