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Pizza at St Job

Posted by rachelinbxl on December 6, 2011

I work in Uccle, and the nearest concentration of restaurants is Place St Job. The cheap, favourite go-to place for a quick lunch is the Cabestan. This reliably serves cheap pasta – especially spaghetti bolognese at in two sizes. The small is usually enough for me, but the men prefer large. The spicy oil makes it seem tastier than it is 😉
However, the Cabestan is small and crowded and, for a change, we tested Pasta Commedia last week. This place looks rather chic from the outside, with a spacious, well lit interior – plenty of natural light, and some lovely bars in the middle of the open space, I would not have picked it had work mates not informed me it was a good alternative. At lunchtime they offer any of the pizzas on their extensive menu for 7.50 euros! This is a great deal as some of them are almost 15 euros in the evening – half price pizza. The half price lunch doesn’t mean they hold back on the service, however. Our large group was seated and immediately hot squares of off-cut pizza dough arrived on the table, with a selection of black and green olives (not outstanding, but good enough) and fresh butter. They do have the annoying habit of pouring the water into glasses, which inevitably means that someone who wasn’t that thirsty has a full glass when someone else wants more and the bottle is empty so you have to order another – but in a smaller group that might be more manageable. So here is my pizza parma – a slightly too thick and chewy pizza base, but well dosed with tangy tomato, cheese, parma ham and fresh rocket (rucola).

Pizza Parma

We didn’t test dessert, but I may just have to pass by here again another time. Maybe to test their fresh pastas – which were not so cheap, and not a special deal at lunchtime. It’s fairly popular, but not packed, so you can just turn up. Their English is passable.
And if you don’t want pizza or pasta, then the frietkot on the square is also a good place for a snack!

Pasta Commedia
Avenue Jean et Pierre Carsoel, 3
1180 Uccle

Food: B
Atmosphere: B
Service: A
Price: A
Languages: French, Italian, English

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