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Resto Days at the 830

Posted by rachelinbxl on October 10, 2011

RestoDays are here again. This time my kitchen is being replaced, so I cannot cook myself, so it seemed the ideal moment to have Sunday lunch. So I was looking for something not too far away, and something fairly traditional. I found le 830. It’s quite far out in Uccle on the Chaussee de Waterloo. I guess the tram 7 to near Bascule would be the easiest Stib connection. Or the 38 bus. I went by bike, but arrived rather damp. The ambiance is cosy – there is an open fire, large mirrors that increase the impression of space, but the walls are covered in drawings and caricatures that I think have been drawn by guests for the owner/chef. Some are very good! All are interesting. The location is old – as their website explains and all food is prepared fresh from natural ingredients.

The resto days menu started with wild boar terrine, served with onion jam and some cranberries. In fact we also received an appetiser of black and white boudin (cold) and fresh bread.. but I didn’t photograph that. It was not bad, but I’m not a real boudin fan. The terrine was good – there was a lot of it. One slice would have been enough for me! I couldn’t tell it was boar – but it would certainly have needed to be high quality pork to give so much taste. The onion jam was excellent and married well with the flavours.

I checked later and found that this was entitled Filet de bar, puree Alexandre et coulis de potiron. So we have a filet of perch served with Alexander potatoes (this is mash with endive and onion caramelised on top) and a pumpkin sauce. The fish was excellent. Cooked to a crunchy skin and piping hot. This is the firs time I have managed to ingest endive. I really hate the bitter aftertaste of this adored Belgian vegetable, but with caramelised surface and sweet onion to offset the taste, it went well with the creamy mashed potatoes and was quite edible! I made the mistake of eating a particularly large piece last, however, and really regretted that. Luckily I could eat a parsley leaf to take away the after taste!
The pumpkin sauce didn’t have a strong flavour, but added colour to the presentation. The whole dish was a pleasure, but I did wonder if a stronger sauce would have added even more!
Main dish

The dessert took a long time coming – in fact the table nearby complained as they had ordered one for their daughter along with their coffees and they were waiting to leave! But it is clearly cooked fresh. I took a photo having taken a spoonful to show how the raspberry heart fell out of the fondant chocolate case. This was a beautiful dessert. Thankfully small, as we were very full by this point, not too sweet (especially the chocolate part), and deliciously decadent. I would go back just for another one of these!

So the menu was good, how about the service? It was not the best, but not the worst. Each table in this restaurant has a small stand with a button to press for service (and to cancel the call). This was not necessary for the restodays menu. Each dish came a good 20 minutes after the previous one, which is fine when you need time for the previous one to settle and leave space to appreciate the next. After dessert, however, the restaurant was getting empty and no one came back to check on us at all! I ended up ringing the bell to get coffees (truly lovely decaf, most unusual!), and the girl appeared immediately. No bad feelings that I had rung at all.
The water and beer we had had with dinner were pricy (4 euros and 4.50 respectively), but this still brought our dinner up to less than the usual 29 euros for 3 course menu of the month (which was very similar to the resto days menu, but hey!).
A place to recommend if you are in the area – quality food, prepared fresh and a nice place to sit on a cold autumn day!

Le 830 (watch out it plays a video! and is generally a very poor website)
Chaussee de Waterloo 830
1180 Uccle

Food: A-
Atmosphere: B
Service: B
Price: B during resto days!
Languages: French

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