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Resto Days at Tour d’Yvoir

Posted by rachelinbxl on May 10, 2011

I spoke about Resto Days last year. The idea is that restaurants (Primarily the expensive ones) offer a 3 course meal at the fixed price of 21 euros for lunch and 28 euros for dinner. This encourages people to test the place, love the food, and go back when its more expensive! I blogged about a trip to Cite du Dragon last October, and this spring I signed up to try 3 different restaurants with 3 different friends. The first was last night, at the Tour d’Yvoir on the Grand Sablon. I actually hadn’t realised that the tower outside this place wasn’t related to the ground floor establishment – which is a sort of serve yourself salad bar with a terrace. The Tour d’Yvoir is actually upstairs. Decorated with art from an affiliated art gallery, it is a beautiful location. On such a lovely day, the only thing I could reproach the cadre for was a lack of outside seating, and even of windows. We were sat at the back of the restaurant and there was no natural lighting.
The service was attentive without being overly intrusive. Every member of staff was incredibly friendly and even when the room got busy, the sound level was perfectly hushed.
So, what do you get for 28 euros in a restaurant where the normal menu is 50??

starter - scallops

Hot and cold scallops

The hot and cold scallops. The starter description had not prepared me for this: the pale white you see amongst the salad leaves is raw scallop – hence the hot and cold scallop salad name. They were marinated in something similar to shiso, a slightly spicy, peppery flavour that went well with the salad and really enhanced the flavour of the shellfish. The cooked scallops were unseasoned, and perfectly cooked. The whole thing was light and enticing – a real appetite opener. We chose an expensive bottle of Chablis to accompany our meal (I took guests from Australia along, so we pushed the boat out). The waiter’s suggestion was impeccable, but then wine should be for 30 euros.  On to the main dish:


Sandre with tagliatelle vegetables

The zander (pike-perch) and tagliatelle vegetables. I had not heard of sandre and had to look up which fish it was. It’s a freshwater fish related to perche and pike. It has a meaty texture and was well prepared. The tagliatelle vegetables meant leeks and carrots cut into fine strips – like tagliatelle. A beautiful idea but leek is challenging to eat in this format, and cutting through the stringy vegetables wasn’t easy either. Perhaps not the best idea. But fun. The sauce was just right – creamy enough to flavour the fish and vegetables but not too heavy or overpowering in flavour. The portion size was just right – I loved this dish. The pause between fish and dessert was also well judged. We were just feeling the need for sweetness.  There were actually two menus available for restodays, but both were listed with Tarte a la Biere as dessert. In fact the one diner who took the pork dish got a duo of chocolate mousse and ice cream instead. He looked a bit disappointed, but actually both were good….


Beer Pie

‘beer pie’.. seriously.. tarte a la biere!

The pastry was incredible. Crumbly and buttery, but not overly rich. The filling is similar to sugar pie that is popular in Belgium, but the sugar had clearly been boiled in beer. It was excellent. Adding strawberries was a brilliant way to cut through the excess sweetness. The ice cream wasn’t necessary for me (eating hot and cold things together is a challenge!), but it was pleasant enough. This was a perfect ending to our meal.

All in, this restaurant is well worth a visit.  Not sure I would pay 50 euros to come back, but if they do restodays again, it’ll be on my list. The food was good,  the place pleasant and well situated on the Sablon, the staff were excellent and we had a great evening.

La Tour d’Y Voir
Place du Grand Sablon,
1000 Bruxelles

Food: A
Atmosphere: B
Service: A
Price: A- during resto days!
Languages: French, English

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