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A gingerbread house in the woods

Posted by rachelinbxl on May 7, 2010

Friends of mine recently helped me discover The Wood.

The Wood

Deep in the heart of Bois de la Cambre (TerkamerenBos) on the edge of Uccle, Bruxelles Ville and Ixelles, there is an idyllic centre of calm and strange plant life that serves a decent brunch on sundays. The door is round on the far end of the building (many of the windows look like doors!)

We were 10 people, and had booked, but it was not actually very busy; it might have been because of the crazy rain we had! For 25 euros you have access to the buffet from 11am till 3pm (and I hear they have stayed later, but were finally kicked out at 4pm).

The buffet bar

There is a very decent selection of cold cuts, warm dishes, salads, breads and pastries, really good fresh juices… etc. I’m not sure how much changes each week, but will be going back to test it again for sure!


I was really pleased with their fresh fish. The herring was excellent, as was the salmon. The beef carpaccio was also good, served with shaved parmesan and a mustardy sauce. The salad was well dressed, but in a rather small bowl. The coffees were generous, although not included in the price, which I had misunderstood, but never mind.

Lait Russe

There were also warm dishes that I didnt photograph. They had canneloni, another meat dish with bacon and something else that I avoided. I had just had a BBQ the night before so I was more in the mood for salads and fish. Plus, of course, the desserts.

Pastries and bread

They also add a few specialities each time. Last time it was pancakes cooked in front of you. This time it was profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce.

Profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce

All these delights are served on Villeroy and Boch china, with their matching cutlery (frightfully chic, take a large bag and something to muffle the sound of you nicking one of their Bodum themo glasses)…. in fact those Bodum glasses are dangerous. You can’t feel the heat of your lovely fresh mint tea, so you burn your mouth.

I would suggest staying long enough to need to use the facilities, as the toilets are a tourist attraction in themselves. I won’t say any more, or the post will need a spoiler alert. Take a while to wander around and admire the fountain and the strange bottle of Absolut vodka near the door.

My only 1 negative point was that, since it is a serve yourself buffet, the waiters are much more involved chatting to each other or serving the few other guests who order a la carte. Getting their attention to order coffee/tea required really walking up to the bar. But its a small gripe.
It is off the beaten track, but I imagine in the summer it will get busy with people wanting to spend a day in the park. There were seats outside, but the joy of this sunday buffet was having the whole spread to ourselves!

The Wood
Floralaan, Bois de la Cambre

Food: A-
Atmosphere: B+/A-
Service: B+
Price: A-
Languages: French, English, Dutch

3 Responses to “A gingerbread house in the woods”

  1. Hob said

    Last Saturday my husband found a huge piece of glass in his dish.
    No apologies from the restaurant.
    The dish was taken and nothing was brought back instead.
    In the bill everything was included. Actually not, they didn’t charge us for the glass.

  2. Rachel said

    Wow! Thats a shocker. And no amount of complaining could sort that out? Terrible customer service!

    • Hob said

      We called a waitress who served us that evening to show her that piece of glass.
      She took the dish and we didn’t see her since then anymore.
      We didn’t want to spoil a birthday party on which occasion we actually came to this restaurant, so we didn’t complain more than that.
      But still the restaurant should’ve done something about that.
      We decided that we never come back and we tell people about this incident.

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