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Lunch at Pl Jourdan – but not as you know it…

Posted by nandosgirl on April 29, 2010

As a first time contributer and a long time eater, I thought my first few postings should be about food I love. Today it was all about Tunisian food at Chez Fatma. It has many similarities to Moroccan food but small elements in the spices they use for their meats and salads make it slightly fresher on a warm day. This centrally placed restaurant in Place Jourdan makes it ideal for a slightly different type of food at a popular location!

We sat outside with a strong desire for a quick lunch and decided to go for the specials. My friend ordered the Grilled Chicken with a Tunisian Salad and I ordered a Skewer of Lamb/Merguez with a Tunisian Salad. The results were a quite pleasing, with freshly prepared salads with the right amount of dressing and the meats spiced and cooked to a perfect tenderness. The service was a little slow at first but we were the first people there and the waitress did underestimate how hungry we were, ultimately she picked up the speed when she realized we were decisive eaters.

For two mint teas and two main courses the meal averaged €30, which may seem a little over the odds for one meal during lunch where you are competing with the Frites House but the food was very good!

Chez Fatma

Place Jourdan 18

Food: B+
Atmosphere: B
Service: B
Price: B
Languages: French, English

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Shards of flavor exploding in my mouth!

Posted by Pi on April 29, 2010

Recently, the pretty excellent Flemish catering company Kwizine introduced me to explosiesuiker.

I got a surprise when eating some dessert, since it only looked like chunky brown sugar, but as soon as it contacted the water in my mouth, little fireworks went off in my mouth.  The guy sitting next to me could hear it through my cheeks.  I was either being drugged or being fed something similar to Poprocks candy, except Dutch or Flemish, and fortunately there was no pain involved despite what I titled this post.  The surprise was nice.  I can imagine using it for random desserts, drinks, and pranks.  Go search for some explosiesuiker on the web, and you’ll see what I mean.

By the way, if you’re looking for a caterer for business or party events, the food prepared by Kwizine pretty much is on par with the high-class pictures on the website.  I highly recommend looking into the small business.

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