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Not your average burger

Posted by rachelinbxl on April 27, 2010

I finally made it to Ebisu. I have been to the location twice before, at Easter when it was closed, and at a lunchtime when it promised to be open until 3:15 and closed at 2:30 just as I tried to go in 😦
But I persevered. I made it for lunch last Friday.
The gentleman taking the order is Belgian, but the chef(s) are Japanese, arrived from Tokyo recently. Ebisu is the name of a Tokyo metro station, and the restaurant is a takeaway bar of japanese proportions (very small). The menu is not extensive, but there is an interesting selection of NON sushi Japanese delicacies. The Wasabi burger looked good, as did the chicken with mango or apricots, as well as various caramalised meat dishes. I wasn’t very hungry, so I didn’t test the miso soup before my ‘burger’.

Pork, ginger 'burger'

Ebisu burger

The cardboard takeaway box was ready in 15 minutes, which gave me time to go buy a cheaper drink at the little Del Haize round the corner (though in the evening I would have been tempted by Umeshu, an amazing Japanese liqueur made from plums). I witnessed the careful frying of the rice burger buns. She uses sticky rice to make 2 patties and then heats them. The pork is fried with onion and ginger, soy sauce and served with fresh herbs. The salad was a nice addition, but the soggy fries were a waste of space. The pork was delicious and the rice patty underneath had absorbed the sauce, making it a challenge to eat with chopsticks, but very very yummy.
The total was 8 euros for a decent lunch… not bad, but perhaps not great value for money

Rue de Vergnies,

Food: B+
Atmosphere: C
Service: A-
Price: B
Languages: French, Japanese

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