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Phatcat Thai

Posted by Pi on April 18, 2010

Compared to other Thai dishes in Brussels, the flavors in this spicy prawn and vegetable curry were excellently strong and fine all at once.  It went down smooth and hot like coconut milk and hot peppers ought.  Unfortunately, however, the portion was so small that I was hungry enough to eat a durum from the nearby Sultans of Kebab immediately afterward.

Oh, I had eaten a starter and my rice, too, but all that was useless.  The starter was some small fried fish patty that could have been the salted and greasy offspring of an unholy union of hard tofu and bicycle tire rubber, and that was a complete waste.  At least the curry completely canceled that out.

Clearly this place was more geared toward business-types, given the small portion sizes and slightly classier ambiance.

The place may be good on an expense account, but the other Thai restaurants on Dansaert are generally better.  Use that knowledge for what you will.

Phat Thai
Rue Jules Van Praet 30, Brussels

Food: B
Atmosphere: A-
Service: B-
Price: B-
Languages: French, English, Thai?

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