Bite Me, Brussels.

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Posted by spacemonkey99 on April 11, 2010

We were sidetracked by the crowd sitting on the terrace in the sun. We were searching for a pasta restaurant we had heard a lot about, but ended up at Le Comptoir instead, lured in by the sign outside “Chilli Burger – 9 Euros”, “Hamburger – 9 Euros” and the full terrace. Did we really want pasta? We decided to just give this place a try. It looked new and the terrace was full of people.

It is probably always better to stick with your original plan, otherwise you end up with: so-so burgers, poor service, bad cocktails and a taste of disappointment. The main point of irritation was the service. The cocktails were watered down and while we should have received either two-for-one (it was happy hour) or half-price on the bill, we received neither. We received the bill with the full price of the cocktail (7 euros), the second one listed as “offered” but which we had never received. We really couldn’t be bothered to ask for our second watered-down cocktail.  The hamburgers were so-so, at 9 Euros you can’t really expect out-of-this world burgers in Brussels.  They were good as a snack and that’s about it.  Next time I return to St. Boniface, I will gave this place a miss as there are far better places to eat and drink.

Le Comptoir
Place St. Boniface
1050 Ixelles

Food: C+
Atmosphere: C
Price: A
Service: C

Languages: French, English


One Response to “Blah.”

  1. pieguybxl said

    shoulda gone with the chili burger…

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