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The magic shrooms of St. Gilles

Posted by Pi on February 21, 2010

The regularly changing niche menu at Café des Spores may be a little pricey, but mushroom-lovers should gladly foot the bill once in a while.  We tasted Belgian shitake mushrooms stuffed with beef and lined with wispy flakes of a dried fish (~14 euros), which for me was easily the best dish of the night.  I adore these rich types of black mushrooms, and all the salty and dark flavors here combined so well.

Then there was the semi-melted Saint-Marcellin cheese with morels and a crusty potato underside (~13 euros).  This tasted good, too, but the cheese and sauce pretty much killed any taste of the mushrooms, so I was disappointed.

Lastly we tried a gnocchi, made with blended fish — la bottarga — and mixed with arugula/roquette, and forest mushrooms (~15 euros).  This one had a very gentle flavor, so we should have eaten this first.  Unfortunately it got kind of drowned out by all the cheese, butter, and soy sauce of the earlier dishes.

At least the wine collection can easily accommodate the shifting menu.

Portions are small, like the building, so don’t be surprised.

Café des Spores
Chaussée d’Alsemberg 103, St. Gilles

Food: B+
Price: C
Atmosphere: A
Languages: French, English

2 Responses to “The magic shrooms of St. Gilles”

  1. Mitsou Lea said

    KONYA: Great Turk “hole in the wall”. In the heart of St. Joss Ten Nood, metro Botanique.
    This 7 table restaurant specializes in Turkish home cooking at its finest. Plates of the day such as; aubergine with white beans or lamb shank and spinach with cheese are mouth watering. Most days there is a chick pea dish as well as Lentil and Tripe soups. The boulettes d’angeau are served with potato or rice. Another specialty is beef/veal stuffed red pepper, with yogurt, rice and chickpeas. Delicious, Hot and served with Love. ALI loves feeding people. He is from KONYA, birthplace of the now famous Mehmet Oz. And he’s happy to discuss.

    There’s wine (unfortunately the red is kept in the fridge)
    Delicious tea.
    Home made desserts
    Closed Sundays

    KONYA; Cuisine Traditionnelle Turc Mijotes
    69, rue du Meridien
    1210 BRUXELLES
    TEL: 02 219 79 23

  2. bxlblog said

    This is a good place if you’re a mushroom-lover but after 4-5 dishes, it becomes a bit of an overkill… especially when you’re told about the dessert menus, which are also made with mushrooms!

    It’s interesting to try once though.

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