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New Contender in the Burger Wars

Posted by Pi on February 11, 2010

I just had my first Schievelavabo XXL burger with salad and fries (~11 euros) over at Place Jourdan, and given the location, atmosphere, price, quantity, and, of course, flavor, I’d say I just found a new burger joint in Brussels.

The thick double beef patties were stacked on top of each other, with a mustard sauce on top, and although the meat wasn’t as juicy as at Fatboy’s, it still was pretty good, all things considered. Definitely better than the Cheescake Corner or La Terrasse. The place wasn’t so packed during this weeknight dinner hour, and it had the perfect cozy and relaxed atmosphere with which to end the day after the gym. This little chain also has restaurants in Uccle, Forest, and Woluwe, so I wonder how they compare.

Chausee de Wavre 344, Etterbeek

Food: B+
Price: A
Atmosphere: A
Languages: French

2 Responses to “New Contender in the Burger Wars”

  1. Rachel said

    Hello! I finally dropped in to check out your food reviews. I could review l’Horloge Du Sud for you if you like (African food, busy ambiance, slow service, but overall quite good.) I have photos…. How do I post to the blog? I guess I need a log in… and your authorisation?
    I have to try restobieres… it looks good
    Take care

    • pieguybxl said

      hey Rachel! Yeah, I’ll have to figure something out — not sure which method is the easiest, if you just send us something for us to post, or if we have to set up some account, but I’ll try to set it up over the weekend. and yeah, I think I’ve been to l’Horloge du Sud, nice place to review!

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