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Coffeehouse Contemporary

Posted by Pi on January 31, 2010

I call Karsmakers cosmopolitan.  Foreigners frequent the place, which has an unusually large space to accommodate them, along with high ceilings and windows and bright lighting. Like other cosmopolitan places, the prices also can be slightly high (hot drinks ~3-4eu), but it may be worth it.  Don’t expect a huge meal; just treat it as the good meeting space that it is.

For all you foreigners who haven’t yet found the place, check it out Sunday morning by Place Lux for some hot chocolate, bagel sandwiches, cinnamon buns, an espresso and a newspaper.  They also have free wifi for now, so it’s also one of the less common cafes in Brussels where you can study or do work pretty easily.

Rue de Treves 20, Ixelles

Food: A-
Price: B
Atmosphere: A
Languages: French, English

2 Responses to “Coffeehouse Contemporary”

  1. Yvonne said

    But do they hand make thier coffees with thick creamy milk froth?? If so, I’ am so going!

    • julie said

      They make the best coffee i’v ever had in brussels!! Also the cakes and cookies are terribles!
      You’ll love it…it’s 1 of my favourite adress i discovered here!!

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