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Restaurant wishlist additions

Posted by Pi on January 10, 2010

In addition to the place that serves homemade pasta at Chatelain, we also have to try the mushroom specialty place at St. Gilles and the place that cooks everything in beer somewhere around Porte de Halle.  After that there’s supposedly a really good Belgian place by the Japanese and Nigerian restaurants at St. Boniface.  Not to mention the place that specializes in hot chocolate in Antwerp and Ghent, as well as a special bakery right up Naamsestenweeg outside Leuven.  And then there’s a restaurant for the Anderlecht football team? Is that even true?!

So many food rumors, so little time…  Thanks for all the tips, guys!


3 Responses to “Restaurant wishlist additions”

  1. Fiona said

    Oh I have to agree with the “mushroom speciality place” recommendation. My husband and I went to Cafe des Spores last year after a recommendation because I had just re-discovered mushrooms after a lifetime of thinking I disliked them and had become a bit addicted 🙂 Now you’ve made me want to make a return visit…

  2. Jack said

    Not sure if it’s the place you’re talking about, but I went to Patty Pates last week.
    It’s a small-ish restaurant where they serve fresh pasta by the bucketload. It’s cheap and delicious, with a million variations to choose from.
    It’s in St. Boniface, just off the square.

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