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Loud and proud in Place Lux

Posted by Pi on November 9, 2009

Can’t beat a classic meal at Fat Boys!  I haven’t run across another place in Brussels with as consistently great burgers.  Accompanied by fries, wings, and a beer, how can you go wrong at this rare and rough sports bar in the city?


The expat English-American atmosphere lends to the flavor.


Fat Boys
Place du Luxembourg 5, Brussels

Food: B+
Price: B+
Atmosphere: A-
Service: A
Languages: English, French, Dutch


2 Responses to “Loud and proud in Place Lux”

  1. Al said

    Ugh! And I thought you had taste. You failed to mention that 2 women have been seriously injured there by falling down the very dangerous stairs. One woman was in a coma for a while and hasn’t recovered yet. Nor did you mention the fact that the owner is a misogynistic bully. Or that the place gets so full people literally push others out of their chairs. Sometimes you can sit there to have a meal only for someone to come and sit on your table – literally ON the table. It’s happened to me and I’ve seen it happen to others. Dreadful place. The food (which is good) does not make up for it.

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