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Southeast Asian chill spot with quite the décor

Posted by Pi on July 21, 2009

…guest blogger KiBXL reports!

As someone lucky enough to live near Chatelain, I find it exciting when another new resto opens up in the area. The latest addition is Lucy Chang on the corner of rue Americaine and rue du Mail. This place is perfect for a summer’s after-work drink and dinner; there are tables in the sun outside and a spacious airy interior decorated with a shiny ceiling and a cool mismatch of Asian artifacts.  All that’s topped off with friendly and efficient service.

The menu boasts a range of Southeast Asian cuisine which all sound mouth watering. I settled on a Thai spicy chicken salad (Laab Gai 8,50eur) matched with a sweet milky cold Thai tea to sooth my burning mouth (think bubble tea without the tapioca). This dish was hot as it should be, but at a level that was still edible and that did not mask the distinctive fresh herb flavours. Not bad at all. My friend’s noodles (one from the Wok menu) also looked and smelled extremely appetizing.

Lucy Chang Asian Grocery and Noodle Shop
124 rue Americaine, Ixelles

Food: A-
Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Price: B+


7 Responses to “Southeast Asian chill spot with quite the décor”

  1. Yamino said

    Hi! Speaking of Thai tea, do you happen to know if there’s anyplace that sells bubble tea in Brussels? I used to have it at least twice a week in the states. I just moved here, and I can’t find it ANYWHERE, it’s killing me.

  2. pieguybxl said

    Welcome! We’ve been looking for a long time, but I haven’t found bubble tea yet — but I heard recently that there’s a Taiwanese restaurant near Place Lux, and maybe they’d have it. If we find anything we’ll be sure to post it, but if you find it first, you gotta let us know!
    P.S. you can also keep up w/ us on Facebook (our page is linked at the sidebar on the right)

  3. Yamino said

    Cool, maybe I can check out that Taiwanese place soon. What’s it called? I’ll add you on Facebook, too. =)

    • pieguybxl said

      Unfortunately I haven’t gone there yet, and I dunno where it is exactly, but when I found out we’ll post about it.

      I think your best bet on finding it is in Antwerp, actually, but that’s just a guess…

  4. Christopher said

    I have mixed opinions about this review. While agree that the decor is nice and the service is friendly, I would say that the food is below par. My husband and I shared the spring rolls as a starter, which you can find at any Thai/South Asian restaurant.

    For our main course, we each order something different but shared. I had the Thai green curry chicken with vegetables and my husband had the Tom ka kai, coconut chicken stew w/lemon grass. Both dishes lacked flavour despite sounding very delicious. Also, the wine list at the restaurant is very poor. If you go there, opt for the beer.

    A very good alternative, with better food, better wine selection, but also with a trendy interior is Little Asia, close to St Gery, directly across from the Thai Supermarket.

    • Yvonne said

      Little Asia is indeed good but you are comparing apples with pears here- Little Asia is trendy and pricy as far as asian restaurants go, while this one is a more reasonably priced less fancy place. I’ve also tried the green curry at Lucy Changs and I quite liked it, although another friend of went a different day and said it was not good so maybe it depends on the day.

  5. just found your blog and am SO grateful for it! 🙂 I, too, have struggled with the restaurant scene here in Brussels. I like Little Asia SO much, and I enjoy Lucy Chang too. Let me know if you want to split duck with another foodie. 🙂

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