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Southeast Asian chill spot with quite the décor

Posted by Pi on July 21, 2009

…guest blogger KiBXL reports!

As someone lucky enough to live near Chatelain, I find it exciting when another new resto opens up in the area. The latest addition is Lucy Chang on the corner of rue Americaine and rue du Mail. This place is perfect for a summer’s after-work drink and dinner; there are tables in the sun outside and a spacious airy interior decorated with a shiny ceiling and a cool mismatch of Asian artifacts.  All that’s topped off with friendly and efficient service.

The menu boasts a range of Southeast Asian cuisine which all sound mouth watering. I settled on a Thai spicy chicken salad (Laab Gai 8,50eur) matched with a sweet milky cold Thai tea to sooth my burning mouth (think bubble tea without the tapioca). This dish was hot as it should be, but at a level that was still edible and that did not mask the distinctive fresh herb flavours. Not bad at all. My friend’s noodles (one from the Wok menu) also looked and smelled extremely appetizing.

Lucy Chang Asian Grocery and Noodle Shop
124 rue Americaine, Ixelles

Food: A-
Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Price: B+


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1€ Custardy goodness

Posted by Pi on July 2, 2009

Quick tip:  Those sweet and rich Chinese egg custards really can be found in Brussels!  Just visit the center.  Excellent stuff.  Stop by the small bakery across the street from Kam Yuen to catch your fill before they’re all gone.  Don’t expect a huge selection after lunchtime.

St. Anny
Rue Sainte Catherine 4, Brussels

Languages:  Mandarin, French

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