Bite Me, Brussels.

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Behold, the sorbetière!

Posted by Pi on May 24, 2009


Warm weather is here in Belgium at last, and it’s the perfect time to make your own ice cream.  I got the Philips HR2304 ice cream maker from MediaMarkt the other day (~70 euros), and it certainly gets the job done.  You only have to freeze a disc that sits on the bottom of the bowl rather than the whole bowl, itself, which is a very nice convenience since my horrible Belgian freezer is so tiny.  Also it’s fairly quiet as motors go, and it’s large enough for making 1L of ice cream.

Here it is pictured above in action, while processing some Chimay-flavored ice cream — how Belgian.  Apologies for the picture quality, by the way; although the ice cream maker is so spectacularly white that it looks like it was sent from heaven, I didn’t add that pizzazzle on purpose.  Once my camera is working again, we’ll post more photos of the restaurants around Brussels.


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