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Indian curries in Uganda

Posted by Pi on April 6, 2009


While we’re continuing to mention good food outside Belgium, let’s bring up this little gem in Kampala.  This Indian restaurant off Kampala Road serves up excellent versions of rich curries and other spicy meat and vegetable dishes.  At the time we ate here, we were thinking about the lack of good Indian restaurants around Brussels and how strange it was that we sated the craving in Africa.  Next time you’re in Kampala (via Entebbe through KLM or Brussels Airlines), stop off at Haandi.  They had much more spice than many places in Brussels.

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Burger and sweet potato fries

Posted by Pi on April 5, 2009


Recently in Boston I had this delicious combination of lightly salted crispy sweet potato fries and hand-molded organic beef burger with fried onions and garlic greens on a whole wheat bun.  Being in the San Francisco of New England sure has its delicious benefits.  Although I’m sure it wasn’t as “healthy” as other foods I could have gotten, it tasted hundreds of times better than McDonald’s.  Where in Brussels can I find sweet potato fries?!

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A service catastrophe

Posted by Pi on April 4, 2009

Would you pay 26 euros per person for a dinner that began serving the starters two hours late, even with reservations, and had average food?  Some friends recounted a recent atrocious restaurant experience just like that at Les Salons de l’Atalaide in St. Gilles.  Some people were done with their entire meals before others started theirs (this was around 10pm at night, so you can imagine their hunger), and I’m sure more than one diner was enraged about it.

Maybe this was an off night, and maybe not.  It’s too bad, too, because the ambiance seems classy enough, including the upstairs bar.  Food experiences there could have so much potential.  Looks like another incident of potential wasted.

Les Salons de l’Atalaide
Chaussée de Charleroi 89
1060 Saint-Gilles

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