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Romanian secret under your nose

Posted by Pi on April 13, 2009


These deliciously heavy cabbage rolls stuffed with fragrant sausage mince meat and rice (~9 euros) impressed us all.  The polenta with Romanian crumbled cheese and sour cream on the side only added to the warm and full flavors.  Coupled with a bold red wine, that meal gives a great taste of what this tiny Romanian restaurant has to offer.


Nestled among all the touristy cafes and fast food restaurants along Anspachlaan, it’s easy to miss.  But once you’re there surrounded by a new language, you realize how different this place is from the area.  Sure, the traditional countryside music in the background might be gimmicky, which apparently nobody in real life listens to ever, but the food and decor is all about comfort.


Other good choices include this fried whitefish, with potatoes and salad.


A solidly good meal is the creamy Transylvanian chicken with mushrooms, but don’t expect anything extraordinarily exotic with this choice.

Overall, as European restaurants go, this is a commendable small place for food with excellent and fast service, though it may be lost among the passable jumble of the rest of the street.  All the better, I say — fewer people to take my seat.

Restauration Roumain
Rue Grétry 13, by the Brouckère

Food: B+
Service: A
Atmosphere: B+
Price: A
Languages: Romanian, French

6 Responses to “Romanian secret under your nose”

  1. Ana said

    Of course, 20 something youths will say they don’t listen to the traditional countryside Romanian music. Lady Gaga sounds so much cooler. But rest assured, we all listen to it, and we even known the words if it comes from our region. It’s traditional Transylvanian music.

    The food is the closest I got to my mum’s food outside Romania.

    • pieguybxl said

      Hmm– yeah, some Romanian guy eating there told us that music wasn’t so popular, but I guess he’s not so accurate! That place is pretty good though, and I really like those cabbage rolls.

  2. Bianca said

    this has nothing to do with traditional romanian food

    • Bianca said

      p.s is the worst food ever, romanian or not romanian. if you want to get sick of how the food looks and tastes, I highly recommend this restaurant.

  3. Radu said

    I went there with 15 Belgian friends for someone’s birthday, and they all loved it.

    If you got sick, you must have been really, really unlucky (or you may have some food intolerance you don’t know of). And that’s assuming you’re not from the competition. I also avoided this restaurant on Rue Grétry for a couple of years, just because someone told me they’re not so good, and that I should go to the other Romanian restaurant on Rue de Deux Eglises (Cosmopolitan I think). I went there and was rather disappointed (not bad, but not special either). So I thought of giving this one a try after all, and it was really the better choice. The food was more and tastier for the same price, and atmosphere more traditional (which made a good impression on my friends).

    • Roxana said

      Went there with some foreign friends (belgians, protuguese and serbian), and the service was great and the food so tasty. The price is acceptable. Is really a good choice. Very small restaurant but very cozy! I highly recommended it. Very good romanian cuisine, good romanian wine and romanian typical aperitief (visinata).

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