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Burger and sweet potato fries

Posted by Pi on April 5, 2009


Recently in Boston I had this delicious combination of lightly salted crispy sweet potato fries and hand-molded organic beef burger with fried onions and garlic greens on a whole wheat bun.  Being in the San Francisco of New England sure has its delicious benefits.  Although I’m sure it wasn’t as “healthy” as other foods I could have gotten, it tasted hundreds of times better than McDonald’s.  Where in Brussels can I find sweet potato fries?!


2 Responses to “Burger and sweet potato fries”

  1. Alex said

    Hello, love your blog. You can find sweet potatoes in just about all of Matonge (off Ch d’Ixelles), the grocery shops just behind St. Catherine, otherwise the GB on Rue Luxembourg sells them often.

    • pieguybxl said

      Hmm, you mean sweet potatoes that are already cut, fried/backed, and seasoned? We should check that out!! Unless you mean the fresh ones, which are good, too, but not exactly the same…

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