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Sweet and salty Peking duck

Posted by Pi on March 23, 2009


We’re always on the lookout for good Peking / Beijing duck in Brussels, and so far it has been elusive.  The perfect version should have the right balance of savory roast duck with crispy, flavorful skin; hoisin or plum sauce; spice and crunch from fresh green onions or other vegetables; and all put together in a dense but thin rice or wheat wrapper.

One version, shown above, comes from a Chinese restaurant just south of the Kam Yuen market.   It may have tasted pretty good, as the dish goes here, but we’re still on the lookout for better.  The duck missed a little bang, but at least it didn’t have bones, like other places!  They also give you all the components separately, so if you like putting together your own wrap with a personal duck-to-onion ratio, this place is for you.

Once we remember the name of the place, we’ll add it in this entry, but if you walk down that Brouckere street, you can’t miss it.  Where else can we find this dish?  Where are the excellent versions in Belgium?

“Restaurant Chinois” south of the Kam Yuen market
Food: B+
Atmosphere: B
Languages: Mandarin, French, English


2 Responses to “Sweet and salty Peking duck”

  1. Harold said

    Hi there!

    There is a Chinese restaurant called Shan’s World just opposite the Gravensteen in Ghent and the lady owner is from Beijing. They make real Beijing ducks served the real Beijing way: sliced in front of you and served in 2 courses: pancake and then duck soup.

    Try it and let me know!! 🙂

  2. Sarah said

    Hi there,

    2 months ago my Pekinese friends took me to a new chinese restaurant in Rue Washington called “Pekin Duck”, and it becomes one of my favorite chinese restaurant in Belgium right after.

    I think their Pekin Duck is exactly what you’re talking about and I think it’s the best one I’ve ever had in Brussels. The skin of the duck well roasted and crispy when arrived my table, you may still taste the juice from the duck meat even! The wrapping pan cakes are well steamed, with sauce and vegetable which is a great combination! In fact, my friends are original from Pekin, they says most the people in Pekin won’t eat the Pekin Duck in Pekin, those Pekin Duck restaurants in Pekin are focus to serve the foreigners like you and me, because the Pekin people are agrees the Pekin Duck in Pekin is less delicious than the Hong Kong style Pekin Duck! Actually I’ve found it sounds crazy like a joke, but until I came back from my business trip in China last week, I have prove my friends are telling the truth!

    I’ve been in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, when I was in Pekin and Hong Kong, I ask my vendors to take me to their famous Pekin Duck restaurant in both cities, and even my vendors in Pekin says the same thing! After I’ve visited the famous Pekin Duck resto in both cities, I can prove that what they’ve said to me is not a joke at all! The Hong Kong style Pekin Duck is really much tasty than the one in Pekin, it’s really amazing! They both the serving style is the same, cut in front of you, but the Hong Kong one, their recipe is different, the fresh roasted taste and the spices flavors are explode from each piece of the duck while you’re biting on it, the duck juice are squeeze out from the meat mixed with a bit of duck fat under the crispy skin, your mouth can’t stop watering, but you won’t feel it’s too fat because the wrapping pan cake is just balance the greasy from the fat, it’s so amazing!

    I’ll recommand you this restuarant in Rue Washington, the owner is from Hong Kong and the Chef is from Canton, where Hong Kong is located and the roast duck is the speciality from the region of Canton. Not only their Pekin Duck is great, they also have many traditional chinese dishes are also good! My friends recommanded me the “wild fried spicy spear rib” and the “Egg plant hot pot” a bit spicy; I’m a big fan of chinese food but I’ve never had these in other chinese resto in Belgium before, they’re really good! The place is small but always clean, the service is very kind, friendly family style but cosy, menu have English and nice choices of vegetarian dishes, music are nice with Asian artists expo artworks on walls gives very nice atmosphere, easy to access located just next to Avenue Louise and very close to Rue Americain.

    Often time I see they’re crowed by chinese people, and because of that I have confidence this place prepares real chinese food! Will you spend money on a resto where serves the pretending tastes from your country but not your real home taste? You know what your traditional resto is!

    I think I’ll visit there again tonight, because my mouthis getting watering already… 🙂

    P.S.: They have the Chinese “Rose Sake” taste very good! If you like alcohol you should have it as a digestif!

    Here’s more info for you:

    Address: Rue Washington 47, Ixelles
    Tell: 02/6478533

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