Bite Me, Brussels.

Reviewing food for the foreigners, without all the fluff.


Posted by spacemonkey99 on February 22, 2009

In the trendy St. Boniface square sits this hugely popular brasserie (note: it was not possible to get a table for 8 earlier than 9pm on a Monday night for a same-day booking).  Belgo Belge is charming with good food. It has a warm, inviting atmosphere and it’s the type of place you can take your out-of-town friends to, have a birthday dinner, a coffee and a chat – and never be disappointed.  In fact, I have done all of the above!  Almost  all the classic Belgian dishes are recommended, as are the large variety of Belgian beers on the menu.  I took friends visiting from Melbourne, Australia there and they had a great time communicating with the French-only speaking waiter for beer recommendations.

The decor is simple and tasteful and the service on the better side compared to many other places in Brussels.  Just note not to order your steak “bien cuit” as their solution seems to be to cook it to the point of the meat being inedible.

Main dishes: A-

Prices: B

Service: B+

Atmosphere: A-

Languages: French

Belgo Belge, Rue de la Paix, 1050 Bruxelles

3 Responses to “Biteable”

  1. laura said

    I ate at this restaurant my first week in Brussels and had the worst food poisoning ever!! I had the scallops which, although undeniably tasty, had me running to the bathroom (and by the way, they have a really weird ‘communal’ type bathroom) an hour later :-/ Six months on, I’m still too scared to go back.

  2. brucru08 said

    That’s terrible! The only seafood dish I’ve had is the salmon which didn’t make me sick. Sorry to hear that, I wouldn’t go back either if that had happened to me. As for the communal type bathroom, it is quite common (more so in bars than restaurants though) in Belgium. When I first arrived here I found it very weird.

  3. pieguybxl said

    hmmm… bathroom reviews, anyone?

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