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Waiting for an excuse to go back

Posted by spacemonkey99 on February 21, 2009

There’s nothing that I love more than good food. Throw in a cozy place and a good price and I’m in heaven. I used to walk by this place, around the corner of my house, on the way to the DelHaize down the street, all the time. I would always smell the grilling meat and it would make my mouth water. The place seemed a bit small and dark so I would I pass by and wonder. Finally, I gathered the courage to venture into the dark interior, taking some intrepid friends with me.

The interior is small but made almost romantic due to the candlelight. When the place is packed, as it almost always is, its hard to hear over the din though, so I would hardly recommend it for a romantic dinner for two in spite of its initial appearance (unless you are up for an early dinner as it seems to pick up after 20.00). All of us tried meat dishes (10-20 euros), as Mi Tango is an Argentinian restaurant. Served with a side of salad and oven fresh grilled potatoes and a delicious Argentinian “specialty” sauce, I would definitely go back.

Mi Tango, Rue de Spa 31, 1000 Brussels

Food: A
Atmosphere: A-
Service: A
Languges: French, Spanish I would guess

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