Bite Me, Brussels.

Reviewing food for the foreigners, without all the fluff.

Tastes Like Burning

Posted by Pi on February 15, 2009

From all the way in South Africa, there came into an innocent house in Belgium a simple, solid bottle of clear Witblits.


I will let the commentary surrounding this liquor during a tasting speak for itself.

“It’s supposed to be the South African version of tequila.”

“Guys, I’m warning you…”

“It means ‘white lightning’.”

“I don’t think we’re the right people to review this.  Only people who really appreciate hard liquors should taste this and judge it.”

“You know, if you smell something long enough, eventually you can’t smell anything at all, even if it smells really bad.”

“Fifty percent?!”

“Should this be cold?”

“Let’s try it.”

“Those are huge shot glasses.”

“This smells too much like tequila.  I can’t drink this.”

“If I were out partying I’d have some with you.”

“It smells good!”

“Oh my God.”

“Give me just a little bit.”

“…maybe if it had any kind of good smell…”

“I might as well drink rubbing alcohol.”

“I’ll taste it if you do it.”

“It’s not so bad.”

“Yeah, it smells a lot worse than it is.”

“It’s burning right… [cough] here.”

“Did you hold it in your mouth for a while to taste it?”

“I don’t have to brush my teeth now.”

“Not bad.”

“It’s pretty good, actually.”

“I bet it catches fire.”

“No way.  I don’t think so.”

“Do you have a lighter?”

“Doesn’t seem to be wor– IT’S BURNING!”


“We can clean the table with it.”

“Take a picture! Where’s the camera?”


“Turn off the lights!”


“It’s going out.”

“That plate is hot.”


“Do you have any whiskey?  We can mix it.”


“Don’t you want to take the rest back with you?”

“No, let’s leave it here for next time.”

“Good night!”


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