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A Place for Endless Ribs

Posted by Pi on February 8, 2009

Barbecue in Brussels?  Apparently, yes!  And an all-you-can-eat option for ribs, no less, (~20 euros) which really can hit the spot after a long week slaving away at work.  Sure, quantity may be the larger draw here than quality — Memphis barbecue this is not — but don’t get me wrong.  The meat was tasty and crisped on the outside enough to earn my acclaim, particularly in this city.  The pork flavor was pure, slightly smoky and slightly sweet, though not as bold as it could have been.  Don’t go here for spicy kick or richly marinated tender perfection.  Just come in with an appetite for lots of simply good meat, and then get your hands dirty.


The potato and salad were not as exciting, of course.  In fact an unusual wad of semisolid flavoring was pasted onto my baked potato that I didn’t care for.  It reminded me of warm bouillon cubes mashed up with butter and grits, and I made the awful mistake of tasting a chunk of it as the first bite of my meal, thinking it was potato.  Please do not do the same.  Other than that little mishap, I liked the meal, my two plates of ribs on cutting boards, the 1930s background music and decor, and the very friendly and earnest service.  Be warned that the place fills up.  Definitely reserve a table for large groups.  And don’t bring vegetarians.

Sint-Katelijnestraat 26-28

Food:  B if you like Memphis ribs, A in the context of Brussels and quantity
Service: A
Ambiance: A-
Languages: French, English


3 Responses to “A Place for Endless Ribs”

  1. garron said

    mmmm, ribs. while i maintain that the best ribs in brussels were to be found at my apartment, i can’t claim that title anymore since i don’t live there. i liked the ones at de wiering (sp?) in leuven.

  2. pieguybxl said

    hmm, nice suggestion– i’ll check that place out again for the ribs some time.

  3. Andreea said

    as far as ribs/ brussels combo then indeed amadeo is a good place. definitly do not bring vegetarians 🙂

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