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Love the salad. Beware the rash.

Posted by spacemonkey99 on December 21, 2008

On a small corner, off a side street from the main square in the Sablon, sits a small restaurant called Le Perroquet. The first time I went there, sitting with my steaming lasagna (8 euros) on a cold February day, I already liked it. Although they do have the occasional warm dish, the house specialties are pitas and salads. The pitas (5-7 euros) are delicious and offer plenty of creative variety that include meats, cheeses, fruit, vegetable and some delectable side sauces. Unfortunately, for the quantity that you receive, they are some what over-priced. The salads (10-14 euros) are excellent: large, scrumptious and filling.

In spite of this mainly positive review I must warn fellow salad and pita lovers: I have come away, on separate occasions, both with a painful bellyache and with a strange, itchy rash. This hungry diner thinks perhaps there may be a cleanliness problem at this restaurant.  Additionally, the service could do with a smile and a friendly hello.

Le Perroquet, 31 Rue Watteustraat, 1000 Brussels

Food: B+
Service: C
Value for Money: B
Atmosphere: B
Languages: French

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