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For the love of the sea

Posted by spacemonkey99 on December 14, 2008

Island delight

Oh the delightful and the delcious. Sometimes you have to search far and wide in order to find it.  Sometimes you have to go all the way across the world. Crunchy tempura-breaded exterior. Luxurious crab and avocado combination in the interior. Wasabi-based sauce for that bit of zing. This foodaholic waits for the day when such a scrumptious sushi dish can be found right here in Brussels.

***Update on this post: a pretty close second can actually be found at Hana, on Place St. Boniface. Check the relevant post about this place!

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Posted by Pi on December 14, 2008

Technology Park, Haasrode (Leuven)


This new snack bar, cafe, and catering restaurant is a spinoff of Octogoon down the road and occupies the same space as the now-defunct @mosphere restaurant.  Pure serves the local professionals during the workweek for breakfast and lunch.  Fortunately for them, it has solved many of the logistical problems with the former occupant, by having ready-made sandwiches available for quick purchase, eliminating a lot of the lines for lunchtime meals.  Salads are made before your eyes, and hot dishes also are available.

The multi-grain bread option is very good, and as lunch sandwiches go around the area, Pure has some of the best (~3 euros).  My favorite one so far had a nice combination of meat, sundried tomato, and a kind of pesto.  Pass on the “spicy pasta with chicken” dish (~7 euros), though, unless saltiness, pungent cheese, and overpowering raw garlic is your thing.

The best part of the old tenant remains intact, too: the comfortable meeting place and wooden decor amid large windows.  I always was a fan of the interior, and it continues to humbly impress.

A contestant for Miss Belgium helped promote the opening of this place, and I hope the owners continue to invest that kind of energy in the business.  If you decide to find out for yourself how it’s going,  bring cash or credit card, as paying with Bankcontact adds a surcharge for small orders.

Food: B+
Service: B
Value for money For food: B
Interior: A
Languages spoken: Dutch, English

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